Nelly Makena

Hey Motherland Mogul, Celebrate!

One month down, eleven more to go. I really hope you're not letting out a sigh yet because my polite reminder to you this year is to take it one day at a time. One, not two or three, but one. Rather than going through the list of things at the... Read More...

5 business lessons from Angry Birds

Any Angry BirdsTM fans reading this? Game or movie, whichever tickles your fancy? Well, I am an avid fan and with my recent addiction —or should I say penchant— to the league tournament game, Angry Birds Friends, where we complete online 'globally... Read More...
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Hi there, new career

As a young person living in the information age, I'm glad I can ignore the norm and choose my life's path. I like that I can decide to either go into a business or choose paid employment. Really, due to the current economic rat race, young people sho... Read More...
Nelly Makena

Nelly Makena

Nelly Makena is a contributing writer to SLA. She is also a partner at ReFab Interiors, a wall decor business. When not day-dreaming design, she has a bucket list to chase, humans to love, nature to admire, books to read, words to write and mocha to sip.