Olayemi Olajide

10 ways to end a business year

In the course of the year, entrepreneurs can get consumed with loads of activities that it becomes difficult to keep track of all that's happening. The end of the year is the time when most business activities wind down,  therefore, it's a good t... Read More...
build a team

How to build a team for your business

A lot of things compete for an entrepreneur's time, especially during the early stage of business. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you have an ‘A- team’ working in your business. As such, as an entrepreneur knowing how to build a team fo... Read More...

How to choose a business name

While some entrepreneurs are lucky enough to choose the right names for their businesses on instinct and impulse, many have suffered great losses and lost great opportunities from having the wrong name. Today's business space is crowded, it is... Read More...
Olayemi Olajide

Olayemi Olajide

Olayemi Olajide is a trained scientist ,entrepreneur and music lover. She runs an online Nigerian food market, themarketfoodshop. Sometimes teacher but most times entrepreneur. On her blog, biznessvirgins, she shares business lessons and experiences. She enjoys singing along to loud music, volunteering for community development and discovering the science of people and processes.