Brief essentials: The solution to Nigeria’s untapped online lingerie and underwear marketplace

As at 2010, Nigeria’s growing online landscape was missing a lingerie and underwear destination with a variety of options, which will also educate Nigerians on their appropriate sizes.

It was also important that more women begin to see their lingerie as a fashion statement, and also have easy access to great underwear, lingerie and shapewear without breaking the bank.

Brief Essentials was that solution we were all waiting for. It was the solution to Nigeria’s untapped online lingerie and underwear marketplace.

Seun Tayo-Balogun – the CEO of Brief Essentials and Lead Consultant at Techmonks Limited (a business solutions provider leveraging technology recounts how she maximized her experience in e-commerce and digital ventures, strategy, research, media and communication, and web authoring, to change Nigeria’s online landscape.

Until January 2015, Seun was the Head, Research and Strategy at Kakawa Discount House (now FBN Merchant Bank).


How did Brief Essentials come about?

There was a time in Nigeria when many retailers focused on electronics, fashion merchandising, shoes etc, but lingerie was not given the attention it deserved. Lingerie was mostly sold in brick and mortar stores, as well as the second-hand market.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, lingerie options at this time were limited and mostly overpriced, or of questionable quality.

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Equipped with this knowledge and the determination to make a difference and meet the needs of the Nigerian market, Brief Essentials set out as an online lingerie store to cater to the needs of everyone, in addition to providing lingerie education and highlighting the importance of fit, style, and function of undergarments using digital platforms.

Brief Essentials launched in April 2011 and since then have revolutionized lingerie and underwear shopping in Nigeria’s budding online marketplace.

As an industry pioneer, Brief Essentials delivers unparalleled and top range products that fit your specific body shape and that’s right for any kind of fashion ensemble (featuring up to 50 world’s best brands, over 5000 SKUs) at the best prices you can find in Nigeria.

Brief Essentials has successfully helped other lingerie stores get started – by providing merchandise, branding, store set-up, insider training and 360 degrees consulting to new lingerie startups in Nigeria.

Aside retailing other brands, brief essentials launched it’s shapewear and active line in 2017 with a goal to continuously combine its ethos of function, fit and affordability.

What makes Brief Essentials stand out?

Brief Essentials was founded on the belief that:

  • Great lingerie should not only be affordable but accessible.
  • Brief Essentials offers lots of options for everyone. This way you won’t have to settle for what you can find, but what you truly want.
  • The fit is always more important than the fashion. Our promise is to blend fit, function, and fashion.
  • Our lingerie pieces are affordable and our quality continues to be top notch.
  • We give loads of lingerie education in addition to using our platforms to empower and inspire. We recently concluded a campaign in March 2018, with the theme #PowerWithin which focused on the need for women to pay attention to who they are. The inspiring and powerful messages from the women we featured can be found on our blog.

Tell us 5 things women need to know and understand about their undergarments and lingerie.

  • You should wash your bra more often than you think.
  • There is a lingerie piece for every shape, every need and occasion and one Bra doesn’t do all the job.
  • Hand washing is still the best way to care for your lingerie and undergarments.
  • Most bra issues are from the band when your band size is wrong, everything will be wrong. The band provides 80% of support in a bra and not the straps.
  • You would not wear a shoe that does not fit, same should apply to undergarments. Buying a bra especially is a very important purchase, we owe it to ourselves as women to find bras that fit, and to get lots of them. Finding a bra that fits, for me, is part of knowing our bodies and embracing the totality of who we are.

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