Learn how to trade and get paid with FXGEOMETRY’s bootcamp for women

The term ‘trading’ has been linked with men since the days of testosterone-filled trading floors. To this day, when online trading is accessible to anyone with an internet connection, the word remains synonymous with the male gender.

Today’s preconception of women who choose to trade – and we must clarify they are women because the word traders alone can be perceived as a reference to men  – may have to do with the vision brokers set and the audience they’ve chosen to advertise to.

More often than not, mass opinions are affected by the media and its reference to a group of people, in this case, the people of the financial industry.

Could the general correlation between trading and gender be diluted?

The number of women interested in trading has been noticeably increasing - @kenny_simon78 Click To Tweet

Trading education hub FXGEOMETRY is looking at things from a different angle; it just announced the launch of a boot camp directed specifically at women, despite the fact that the company reaches a broad audience predominated by men.

According to founder Kenny Simon, the number of women interested in trading has been noticeably increasing.

The birth of this boot camp derived from the observation that more female traders have been showing interest in educational packages and trading mentorships, in addition, Kenny has seen an increase of female followers through social channels.

Among approximately 10,000 followers worldwide the percentage of women among the followers has risen from 10% to 37% in the past 3 years. While the number of women who have signed up to personal one-on-one courses has moved up to 45%.

Beyond FXGEOMETRY it seems like the entire financial world is moving away from its relic thoughts and gender-based judgment.

In 2017, 23-year old Lauren Simmons became the youngest and only full-time female employee to hold the position of equity trader in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).  In June of 2018, Stacey Cunningham became the first female president of the NYSE.

Some may view this as proof that women are still not fully welcome in the financial industry or it can be seen as the first steps of progression.

Considering Kenny’s background lies within peak performance coaching in trading, it comes as no surprise that part of his mission to expand the Geometric Patterns community includes a focus on the overlooked members of the trading world and whether they can be an equal match to men in the industry.

Kenny, however, is not the first to give attention to this issue; many have previously gone out of their way to find out how women could make better traders.

In Terrence Odean and Brad Barber’s 2001 study “Boys will be boys: Gender, Overconfidence and Common Stock Investments”, they went on to prove that men’s natural overconfidence tends to work against them.

They analyzed account data for more than 35,000 households at a large discount brokerage between February 1991 and January 1997. They discovered that on average, men traded 45pc more frequently than women and that this incentive trading reduced their net returns by 2.65pc a year, compared to 1.72pc for women.

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In simple terms, the study showed that men trade more than women due to overconfidence and that tends to reduce their overall returns.

Another interesting story in the history of women in the financial industry is the case of Bloomfield Hills investment club ran by Thomas O’Hara.

The male-driven firm had been posting annual losses after 20 years of existence. In 1982 the men let their wives join the group and act as co-decision makers, within four years the club’s stake tripled, jumping from $180,000 to $500,000.

Kenny’s latest event has prompted a lot of interest from women in the industry. A large number of women volunteered to join within the first few minutes following the announcement of the boot camp, accepting the challenge to learn a new trading method.

The boot camp itself will choose 25 women through personality tests designed by Kenny – based on his big 5 personality traits that make up a good trader. The women will undergo a free 3-day boot camp with Kenny himself where they will learn the rules of trading with Geometric Patterns.

The boot camp will be followed up by a trading competition in which all women will participate and compete for one of three prizes – $3,000, $2,000 and $1,000 consequently.

If you’re interested, send an email to kenny@fxgeoemtry.com

FXGEOMETRY’S boot camp is another effort to shed a bright light on female traders and what they can achieve in the financial world, putting preconceptions aside and shedding general judgment.

The era of female traders may have not yet begun but a glimpse of light might be making its way in at the end of the tunnel.

This article was written by Deema Osman. Deema is a content writer at 120advertising.com

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Chelsea Ward – An African woman in Shanghai Rooted and Ready to Bloom

I met Chelsea Ward through a friend in Shanghai, and within the first few minutes of her speaking, I was so aware of her presence. She exuded such positivity and self-awareness. I immediately gravitated towards speaking predominantly to her.

After getting a taste of what her goals were and what she was managing to do to make them a reality, I knew it would be essential to pick her brain and get the inside scoop.

Chelsea grew up in the US and remembers wanting to do everything as a child. She was particularly inspired by her parents and was adamant about studying something in their fields of work.

When we speak about her childhood, Chelsea reflects on the mindset that we have when we are younger, that you can do anything and that there are no impossibilities.

At 25, Chelsea Ward started her own consulting firm, with the focus to create a space for minority owned businesses to establish themselves in #Shanghai. Click To Tweet

However as we grow older we tend to lose this fearlessness and allow life to weigh us down. Chelsea has managed to reconnect to this belief and become open to the possibilities that life affords her.

Initially studying pre-med as well as Asian studies, her passion for community up-liftment became clear. Visiting both South Africa and Guatemala to work on non-profit projects clarified that her love of language was about communicating with people.

Chelsea was awarded a scholarship to continue her study of the Chinese language in China by the Chinese government in 2016. She elected to study at Fudan University in Shanghai.

It was during this time that she experienced first-hand a gap in the market in Shanghai when she attempted to get her hair done. A salon was recommended to her and she called beforehand to ensure that they were skilled to handle natural hair, which they assured her that they were.Chelsea’s description of this experience gives me the feelings of a butcher with a tough piece of meat. Needless to say, they were not skilled to handle natural hair. Upon returning home to the US and getting her hair taken care of at a fabulous hair salon, she realized how necessary it was for a business like that to be in Shanghai.

Particularly in a city (and country) with minimal diversity, issues with finding a hair salon equipped to deal with natural hair is a common problem.

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This sparked the idea for Chelsea, despite being only 25, to start her own consulting firm. One of the focuses of the firm is to create a space for minority owned businesses to establish themselves in Shanghai. One of Chelsea’s current clients includes the very hair salon she had such a positive experience with in the US, namely BabyBangz.

If that wasn’t enough, she is also in the process of planning a music, art and culture festival that will take place in Shanghai, where she currently resides, during May 2019. All of this while maintaining a full time job as the head of the skills department of an international learning centre.

The Roots Music, Art, and Culture Festival is something to be excited about. The festival will include exciting and inspiring women of color as speakers and is aimed at increasing representation in a city like Shanghai as well as empowering women and minorities.

The details for this event are yet to be released but if the premise is anything to go by, then you should be very excited and get looking at flight prices to Shanghai around that time. I have no doubt that this will be nothing but inspiring and stimulating.

One of the previously organized events that was a major success in Shanghai was the hosting of a seminar presented by BabyBangz and TLP on natural hair.

There are hopes to host a similar one in the future and of course for these incredible companies to feature at the Roots Music, Art, and Culture Festival. Click here to have a taste of what went down at the last seminar.

The focus right now is Asia and the UK because that is where Chelsea has established relationships. The goal is to make the festival in Shanghai a roaring success and hopefully from there look to expanding to other locations.

Furthermore, Chelsea has ambitions of assisting businesses from other countries, such as South Africa, to establish a presence in Shanghai. Of course this depends on demand and the needs of the community.

But given her previous experience volunteering there, Chelsea has an interest in engaging and assisting once she has secured the foundation of her consulting firm in Shanghai.

One of the biggest challenges Chelsea has faced through this process of being an entrepreneur is accepting that everything is a process. It is incredibly important to be patient and show yourself compassion and self-love. Do not allow the frustrations that may come along with building your own business consume you.

If for some strange reason you are not bursting with excitement after reading Chelsea’s incredible story, let me leave you with some brilliant parting points that she shared with me as we rounded up our interview.

“Don’t be afraid to pursue what you love, try and go for it. Actually, don’t try. Do it or don’t do it. So rather just do it. Don’t live in the fear or pain of what is holding you back,  push past that and do what you love and what excites you.”

If you are interested in getting involved in any way, please feel free to contact Chelsea. To get featured on our Facebook page, click here to share your story with us.

Big Company Strategies for Start-ups/Small Businesses to adapt

Running a small business has its pros and cons, the same as running a large corporation.

Large corporations may have endless resources to implement and execute elaborate and detailed strategies as they have hundreds of great minds constantly devising new ways to grow their business.

Whereas in a small company, you have to keep overheads lean, hence, there is no massive budget for strategy sessions with great minds from Ivy league schools. In a small business, the entrepreneur is the great mind and the world is your Ivy league degree, you have to make do with what you have.

But how exactly can you do that? I highlighted some solid, foolproof strategies that big corporations employ to achieve massive results and successes, which can be applied to your small business on a lean budget.


Market Segmentation

Enterprises spend millions annually on research to find out what market segment their products are best suited to. Market segmentation is important in every business as knowing your customer is the key to finding your market, which consequently leads to sales.

You need to know who your customers are, where to find them and how to reach them.


For small businesses, market segmentation helps you focus on a particular demographic or geographical area, thereby allowing you focus efforts on being the market champion in that market segment.

To figure out your market, small business owners should ask questions like who is your ideal customer? Which customers are you avoiding? What markets are the most profitable?

Answering these questions would help entrepreneurs prioritize and apportion resources to market segments that have the highest returns.

Marketing Funnel

A marketing funnel is basically a fancy term for all the points in your customer acquisition strategy where you contact prospective clients.

As a prospective customer moves down the funnel, the better your chances of converting them into a paying client. Big businesses have a large team and budget to automate and implement this process, with small businesses on a lean budget, you can adapt this technique by being intuitive to your customer’s buying pattern.

Ask yourself,  how does a customer find out about your service? How often do they come to your page? When do they buy?

What motivates this purchase? Asking yourself these questions gives you a clearer understanding of how to move your customer from being aware of your product to become paying clients.


Partnerships That Work

Large corporations usually cut deals with their counterparts that their customers can benefit from, small businesses should employ this tactic.

By bundling your services with another that complements you and your customers, you rake up good points with your clients.

For instance, if you sell hair extensions, you can offer your clients free hair care products, this would cause clients to be more inclined to your products, or event decorators could team up with an event space to offer a bundled service to customers.

It’s about leveraging what you’re good at, not trying to be everything to everyone and giving your customer a more wholesome and rewarding experience.

Chief Sales Officer

Enterprises can afford to pay several people bucket loads of money. Especially people who work just to think about how to execute more sales every day. These people have access to real-time data and analytics.

The data is what helps them make sensible insights, that make executing a large number of sales a reality.

On the other hand, for small businesses, it is usually hard to have more than one person in this role. It is of utmost importance to have someone who is constantly thinking of ways the company can generate revenue.

You must always know who your customers are, where they are and know what they want.

As you scale, have more people in sales and segment each section of the market the person should be handling.

By focusing on the customer and how to make them advocates, generating sales and loyalty. Most businesses have grown to become big businesses.

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Quick Maths (4): How to build up an emergency fund for yourself with FSDH Asset Management

Save for the rainy day… it might take a little longer for the sun to shine!

Welcome to the final part of our Quick Maths series by FSDH Asset Management, where we’re giving you simple personal finance tips you can master, to achieve your financial goals.

In the last three series, we showed you how to generate income to start your business, how to diversify your income and how to get the best out of your net income and now we want to teach you how to save for the rainy day.

What do you have saved for the rainy day? Nothing?

We can plan for a lot of things in life, but sometimes, the unexpected just happens. These are the times you face bigger-than-expected bills, but having an emergency fund can make it easier.

An emergency fund is money kept aside in case there are emergencies or problems in the future. 

Now, listen! An emergency fund isn’t for your everyday needs or special wants, so leave your sinful indulgences out of it, and no! flash sales are not emergencies either.

We partnered with FSDH Asset Management Ltd to bring you this guide to help you understand why you need to have an emergency fund and how to start building up your emergency fund(s).

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Topics this guide will cover:

  • What is an emergency fund?
  • How much money should you have in an emergency fund?
  • The difference between emergency funds and investments
  • Ways to set aside emergency funds

After reading this guide, you would be one step closer to achieving your financial goals. If you want to keep slaying in your finances, be sure to read up on our previous quick maths series, you’ll be glad you did!
FSDH ASSET MANAGEMENT LTD  – FSDH AM is a wholly owned subsidiary of FSDH Merchant Bank Limited. They are one of Nigeria’s leading asset management and financial advisory firm.

FSDH AM is versatile in financial transactions and investment strategies that meet the need of investors in an emerging economy like Nigeria. They recognize that today’s investors need the services of dedicated and expert professionals to provide them with intelligent investment counsel.

Therefore, their strategies are dedicated to preserving investors’ wealth while maximizing the value that they receive.

Once you’re through with this guide, visit FSDH Asset Management Ltd to know more and get all your pressing questions answered.

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How to overcome the fright of starting a business

If you have decided to ignore all the advice of well-meaning individuals and friends and have still gone ahead to start a business this year, you must have some real guts. Starting a business is no easy task. There are endless challenges that often discourage you from even starting. 

When looking at all the challenges entrepreneurs face, it’s easy to question how your business would thrive. If your business was a soft, supple, newborn baby, your goals as a business owner is to see that this business survives its first years. 

But how do you achieve this and start your business like a boss?

1. Face your fears

Spending nights rolling on your bed, worrying about your business goals won’t make you cause you to achieve them. Unfortunately just thinking about your business will not turn it into reality. You may have several doubts about the likelihood of people getting your products and services, but until you put your business out there you won’t know for sure.

Start by creating your sample products, sell them to family and friends and get feedback about them. With every action, you take you to become less and less afraid.  Every action you accomplish will help your confidence grow and you’ll begin to see your fear diminish.

2. Surround yourself with positive people

Surrounding yourself with positive people can make a huge difference on the success of your business. There are people who would do nothing to encourage you and will not give any positive feedback. If you stay close to such people, you will begin to doubt your ability to reach your business goals. 

The truth is, the people closest to you may be more susceptible about your business than strangers. Expect it. They may not believe in your ability to drive your business to fruition, you shouldn’t make it your aim to prove that point to them.

On the other hand, having a supportive people chip in a suggestion or two will stir your faith in your business, you’d start to believe in this brand becoming tangible as you hear them talk about it like it already exists.

3. Be Patient

If there is one thing you will most likely encounter, is roadblocks! And when you do, you will need lots of patience. When things get tough, don’t through your hands in the air and shout “I don’t have time for this”.

Firstly, try and understand that the problem you face is not always your fault. If you cannot go through the problem, find a way to go around it. Do not compare yourself with what you see on the news and social media. Seeing everyone move on a much faster pace may be discouraging. 

When you do his a roadblock on your journey, figure out how to deal with it while putting other aspects of your business in track. You should always be ready to take off when the roadblock is removed.

4. Dance upon disappointment

As an entrepreneur, managing disappointment is a skill you can’t afford to live without. So what if things do not work out as you plan? What if a key team member decides to leave at the last minute, or a trusted supplier fails to supply your ingredients on time? What would you do when people fail you?  

You cannot always control all circumstances when working with people. When things go wrong, you shouldn’t beat yourself over. Try and come up with new alternatives. Though this may be tough, it will become a lot easier if you stay positive about it. 

Take a break, play some music and dance away your disappointments. You can also create a warm environment where everyone can come together and decide on the next steps for the business will be.

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Wennovation Hub: Empowering African Entrepreneurs by solving socio-economic challenges


Wennovation Hub is the pioneer innovation accelerator in Nigeria since 2011, with offices in Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja and recently Kaduna.

It was co-founded by the dynamic quartet of Wole Odetayo, Michael Oluwagbemi, Idris Ayo Bello and Dami Agboola; four young Nigerians who believe in the power of technology innovation and youth entrepreneurship for the economic emancipation of Africa.

The vision of the hub is to achieve sustainable development in Africa by fostering innovation among the youth population. They also focus on social impact sectors including Agriculture, Healthcare, Education, Clean Energy and Social Infrastructure.

Wennovation Hub emphasizes the need to inspire and empower entrepreneurs to solve socio-economic challenges in their communities by leveraging technology resources and networking.

Up till date, they have supported over 300 startup teams and well over 6000 youths physically with as much as $2.5 m. The money was raised by startups within their network and over $66M raised as follow-on funding by startups within the founders’ network.

As Nigeria’s first privately run incubator/accelerator, Wennovation Hub has incubated more than 60 teams. They have seeded over a dozen companies and directly impacted more than 300 high impact entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs .

They collaborate with these entrepreneurs to build commercially viable businesses that have high impact solutions to some of the most resilient challenges in different communities across Africa.

“Our efforts have been recognized by World Bank – Infodev by sponsoring Lagos Angel Network which we convened in 2013, McKinsey who mentioned Wennovation Hub severally in their “Lions Go Digital” 2013 report, Ashoka Global Institute and SAP by giving Wennovation Hub a “Changemaker – Power of Small” Award in 2012 amongst many others”.

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“Today, our active portfolio companies account for tens of direct jobs and over $150k in sales annually. Wennovation Hub, as a leading accelerator, in achieving impact has forged strategic partnerships across the global entrepreneurship ecosystem with the likes of CTA Netherlands, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Spring University Canada, Village Capital Atlanta, Kick Incubator USA, Covenant University, Tony Elumelu Foundation, USAID, Obafemi Awolowo University, Total Nigeria Plc, PIND, FMARD, IITA, MIT, AfriLabs, MIIS, University of Ibadan – Centre for Entrepreneurship Institute, University of Lagos, and a host of others in our partnership portfolio”.

The hub also supports startups operating in any sector with particular emphasis on those that leverage technology due to the huge potential for scale and growth. Their dedication to innovation and tech-enabled entrepreneurship is in line with our strategic goal of being positioned as Africa’s Topmost Technology Startup Accelerator promoting innovative ideas, building high-impact entrepreneurs and nurturing top businesses in the process.

The Co-Working Spaces in Mokola Ibadan, Ikeja Lagos, and Jabi Abuja are open to all entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, start-up/business owners, innovators, inventors, freelancers, creative entrepreneurs and techies/tech-preneurs.


Registration at Wennovation Hub provides the following opportunities:

  • A beautiful and serene workspace environment
  • Access to internet facilities and uninterrupted power supply
  • Access to our various training programs that improve technical skills for tech-preneurs, Business skills development programs for entrepreneurs and growth acceleration programs.
  • Opportunities to access numerous funding opportunities and connect with potential business investors/consultants.
  • Free invitations to our various social and networking events
  • Opportunity to interact and network with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs for personal and professional growth.
Through collaboration, we can leverage technology innovation to solve major socio-economic challenges - @wennovation Click To Tweet

We are proud to be a pioneering force in the Ecosystem pushing the frontiers of Technology Innovation and supporting Entrepreneurship across the continent – inspiring, creating and promoting innovative and sustainable solutions to the socio-economic challenges of Africa.

This is Wennovation!

Our Focus Areas

  • Ibadan Hub – Ecosystem Development Programs

– Entrepreneurship Development Program Fully Serviced Co-Working Space

  • Lagos Hub – Proto Lab and MakerSpace

– Markers Ecosystem Engagement Market Acceleration and Rapid Prototyping Lab

  • Abuja Hub – Public Sector Incubation Programmes

– Public Sector Policy Advisory and Consulting Public Sector Engagement Programmes

At Wennovation, OUR MISSION To inspire and empower African Entrepreneurs to solve their immediate socio-economic challenges by leveraging technology, resources, and network collaboratively.

OUR VISION To achieve sustainable development in Africa by fostering innovation among the youth population.

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Chidinma Emodi Chukwuemeka: Pitch your business proposition from the ‘why’ perspective, not the ‘what’

Chidinma Emodi Chukwuemeka is a seasoned entrepreneur with a specialty in Brand and Digital Marketing. In July 2017, Chidinma and her husband, Mr. Bentley Chuwkuemeka officially launched The Footwear Academy. 

 The Footwear Academy is a  footwear training and production school for individuals interested in the art of footwear production and sales. Their vision is to enable shoemakers in Africa starting with Nigeria produce exportable standard products.

Her Start-up The Footwear Academy has pitched and participated in various local and international startup competition. They are the recent winners of the Proudly Made in Aba Hackathon – winning a grand prize of $50,000 from Ford Foundation.

They also took 2nd place in 2017 at the Open Mic Africa startup pitch competition organized by Techpreneur Africa and MIT Legatum.

Chidinma is an Alumni of Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI Regional Training Center) – Onsite Nigeria Cohort 4. She was awarded star of Business and Entrepreneurship for her cohort. She is self-driven and very passionate about helping brands and people succeed.

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Quick Maths (1): How to generate income to start a business with FDSH Asset Management

Smart moves early in life can pay BIG long-term…..

Now, what’s the point in looking good and slaying when your bank account isn’t smiling back at you? Listen. This is the year to SLAY 100%, and we’re ready to show you how to make money moves the right way.

So, are you ready to cash out like Cardi’s got nothing on you?

We are partnering with FSDH Asset Management Ltd to share with you a 4 part downloadable guide to enable you to boost your finances. We want to make sure that every Motherland Mogul is prepared to master the money world. 

Learn how to generate funds to start your business with @FSDHCoralFunds. Click here for more: bit.ly/FsdhGuide1 Click To Tweet

Topics this 4 part series will cover:

  • Seed Money: How to generate income (capital) to start a business.
  • Diversifying: Different ways to save and protect savings (for low and high-income earners).
  • Bottom Line: How to use your business net income to your advantage
  • Emergency Funds: Why you must have some investments.

Now let’s talk about you.

You’re about to start a business but you need capital to begin?  Girl, we’ve got you! In this first downloadable guide, we’ve done some Quick Maths for you, highlighting how you can generate capital for your business or launch your new project.

First, you need to understand that money does not come for free, as a MotherlandMogul, you have to know what your options are, and work towards them.

After reading this first downloadable guide, you’ll understand what moves to make to get closer to your money goals.

But what’s next after you get that capital and the bills start rolling in? We have more juice coming your way.

To continue learning basic principles that will lead to a happier and healthier financial you, get prepared for our next guide. Because girl, we’re going deeper.

FSDH ASSET MANAGEMENT LTD  – FSDH AM is a wholly owned subsidiary of FSDH Merchant Bank Limited. They are one of Nigeria’s leading asset management and financial advisory firm.

FSDH AM is versatile in financial transactions and investment strategies that meet the need of investors in an emerging economy like Nigeria. They recognize that today’s investors need the services of dedicated and expert professionals to provide them with intelligent investment counsel.

Therefore, their strategies are dedicated to preserving investors’ wealth while maximizing the value that they receive.

Once you’re through with this guide, visit FSDH Asset Management Ltd to know more and get all your pressing questions answered.

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More Women are embracing Co-working in Nigeria

The way in which we work and do business has changed enormously over the years, pushing further the entrepreneurial narrative. Today, we have a lot more flexibility and freedom to work remotely, without coming to the office, or operating a home-based business, or making use of convenient locations.

More and more women in Nigeria are entering the business world, and many more are being encouraged to do so. The inspirational stories of women breaking the frontiers from all over Africa and the world at large have motivated more women to venture into the male-dominated business world.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that the BBC in a recent study said Nigeria has the highest number of female entrepreneurs in the world, this clearly shows how entrepreneurial Nigerian women are and how they keep pushing the envelope in different sectors of the economy.

These women are rising up to the challenge and have fully embraced the concept of Coworking. Currently, all over the world, there are over 4000 Coworking spaces and about 20 female-centered spaces. In Nigeria, there are over 100 coworking spaces spread across the country with the majority in Lagos.


Coworking refers to people working in shared office spaces and has been referred to as the future of work. With more and more women getting actively engaged, they are taking advantage of serviced office spaces as against the traditional rent.

Venia Hub is one, the first coworking space in Nigeria. Venia has since opened its doors to budding female entrepreneurs. It is currently housing many female-owned owned businesses and lots of virtual and creative freelancers.

Venia’s sister company; The iLx Center is a training facility which has seen women come in to be empowered by organizations and individuals. There has been a lot of female facilitators and trainers booking the training center to empower both women and the public in general. Women based organizations like the SLA digital marketers training and lots more have been held at The iLx Center. The Center provides first class services such as uninterrupted power supply, fast internet, and generally optimized environment to fit whatever occasion that may be required of the space and ease of location.

While the benefits of Coworking might seem obvious already, here are some more specific benefits working from a coworking space such as Venia does for you and your business, whether big or small.



1. It’s Affordable

Co-working spaces are affordable and startup friendly, they offer way cheaper rent rates as against the traditional rent and running cost for offices.

From power, cleaning, security, to other needed facilities and infrastructure needed to run business seamlessly, all these can take a toll on business especially SME’s. Coworking with its service nature caters for all of that by spreading the cost with other co-workers

The running cost is spread across the board so the effect is not felt by one alone. This way you work from a secured space with great ambiance, your mails are handled and your visitors properly entertained.

2. It’s Structured

There’s no doubt the amount of distraction that comes from working from home. The truth remains that there are multiple things that can become distractions, affecting output and productivity.

The coworking environment gives the structure needed to get actual work done. You get a heightened focus and higher discipline to achieve tasks with very minimal distractions. 

3. Increased Productivity

 There is an energy that emanates from interacting with like minds and coworking offers just that; the opportunity to network with people doing great work, share/ bounce ideas off each other and even skills rent.

Coworking serves as a hub for highly creative people whose skills can be temporarily hired, promoting an exchange of skills and knowledge.

Working from a hub surrounded by other industry players keeps you on your toes. You’ll also find yourself constantly informed about the happenings in your industry. There is a supply of all the information you need to energize and achieve more while ticking things off your list and hitting your business goals.

4. Collaboration

Collaboration is the new competition, and coworking is synonymous to collaboration.

The concept of working in a shared space and amongst similar minds enables avenue for networking and collaboration for greater impact. Examples of collaboration that changed the world.

5. Flexibility:

Coworking offers flexibility, depending on available funds, a lifestyle that might involve traveling and move from one location to another.

Venia, offer plans that range from daily, weekly, monthly and even weekends to accommodate different work plans. It also provides options of working from different locations on one subscription.

For days when you don’t want to go through traffic, or you seem to have meetings in a different location, Coworking affords you the options for flexibility.

With all of these incredible benefits that coworking offers, it is apparent that women; motherland moguls take advantage of coworking to boost their productivity, business, and brand.

It is encouraging that women continue to set and raise the bar, pursuing their dreams and embracing their full potential, choosing to orchestra their lives and be part of the future, we are here to propel them on. 

This article was written by Joy Kika for ILX.

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