She Leads Africa is community that helps young African women achieve their professional dreams. We’re looking to hire a Community Programs Manager to help us support trainings for early stage entrepreneurs.

What we’re looking for in a Community Programs Manager:

  • A person who is passionate about supporting women as they build their entrepreneurial skills.
  • Someone who is interested in the startup ecosystem and being up to date on new tools and processes to help businesses work more efficiently.
  • Someone who is smart and can think on your feet. If you always need your boss to give you direction or answers then this isn’t the role for you.
  • Someone with a strong attention to detail. We take our work seriously and if you don’t double check your work before sending it out and ensure that everything is spelled correctly, then that is a big no no for us.
  • Someone who can take ownership of a project and manage it fully.
  • Someone who is reliable, trustworthy and consistent.

Responsibilities for a Community Programs Manager:

  • Manage our community training programs from the application process to the final presentation day.
  • Identify business experts to serve as coaches and mentors for our participants.
  • Manage a budget and work diligently to find the most affordable service providers for program delivery.
  • Manage a group of program participants and ensure they have a positive program experience
  • Work with program partners to ensure programs fit delivery requirements and complete necessary reports.


  • Competitive monthly salary and commission
  • Opportunity to travel across Nigeria and to different programs in Africa
  • Relaxed work environment and fun team across Africa


  • Familiarity with She Leads Africa and our community programs
  • Bachelors degree preferred
  • Minimum work experience of 2 years in a formal work environment
  • Based in Lagos or Abuja, Nigeria
  • Willing to travel across Africa

Please only apply if you meet these requirements and your application answers are not a mess.

Application Questionnaire

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