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    Kofo Adebiyi

    Hey bookworms!

    Let’s create one SLA Book Club story that never ends and see how far we can go.

    How to play:
    Add one-sentence in the comments to extend the story.

    First Sentence:
    I came back to work after a short vacation in Cape Verde, and nothing was the same.

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    Ale Busola

    Although, my table was on the same spot, my flower vase well erected at the extreme end of the table like any flicker of movement and it would fall, a frame containing a picture of I and my daughter and a pile of office files, like I never left.

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    Gigi Kenneth

    So I stood there, arms akimbo, sure that an expression of shock was plastered on my face as I thought about what next to do.

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    Dodeye Ebri

    I looked around for a sign of some sort, to tell me everything was okay and nothing had changed.

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    Nanret Kumbet

    That was when I noticed a crack on mirror.

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    Omolade Odedina

    The crack might have been there for a while and i just never paid attention to it, or it could be the result of accidentally hitting the mirror frame before I left.

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    Beverline Ashioya

    All I wanted was to have a nice warm bath once I got home but clearly I couldn’t especially after I noticed the windows to my living room were ajar; all the more confusing.

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    Esther kagu

    Still perplexed i wondered ,have i been paying attention to the little details that surround me,did i leave the windows open or was it the wind ,was the crack on the mirror there before ?so many questions

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    Olutayo Toromade

    Then I thought if it was the stress from work or was I losing my mind?

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    At this point, I was convinced it was the stress of the journey playing all these pranks on me and all I needed was a little sleep

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    Lorna Enow

    Tried sleeping but sleep was far off. My mind kept wandering around the little things just like the crack in the mirror that I’ve Been oblivious to over time in every aspect of my life.

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    Oh my Goodness! I got some weird messages yesterday evening. I jolted upright and started to scroll through my mail.

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    Grace Samuel

    It didn’t take me long to find them. The sender was unknown but the pictures attached were vivid and the message was clear – I had a stalker!

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    Haleemah Folagbade

    Having a stalker right on top of everything happening to me is what broke the camel’s back. I jolted upright, pacing back and forth wondering what to do.

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    Onyeka Ogunmola

    I was totally confused and scared at the same time and thought of who to call but my hands wouldn’t stop shaking. I couldn’t place a call and suddenly my phone rang. Gosshhh ! It was my mum. I needed to talk to her despirately.

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