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    Philisiwe Shinga

    I answered the call and spoke to my panic, asking it to remain calm as I had a chat with my mother.

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    Aisha Badeji

    The conversation with my mum didn’t put my fears to rest, but I got a bit of clarity and the message I needed. I had to act, not just act, but to act fast!

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    Sifon Ekanem

    ‘What do i do?’ I kept wondering but i knew i had to act quickly without alerting the stalker

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    Max Nwuba

    I answered on the third ring, and hearing her familiar voice call my name calmed me, “Oyinlola, you didn’t remember to call when you got back. Tell me, How was Cape Verde?”

    As I animatedly recounted the time I had on the trip, my spirits lifted. The reprieve was temporary, however, because on getting to the end of my narration, panic washed over me again as I suddenly remembered my earlier confusion.

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    Faith Makhathini

    How I wish I was back in Cape Verde, where the only troubles I had were deciding where to party and what to wear.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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