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Thoughts/Reactions while reading [Spoiler Alert!]

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    She Leads AfricaShe Leads Africa

    Started reading Homegoing and can’t wait to talk about it with the other bookworms while you read?

    Fan out on this thread!

    Amelia Oneh

    I just finished the book “homecoming”. So emotional, I felt every pain each character experienced. First was the separation. To think Efua never got to know her biological mother and Ess never got to meet her sister. The slavery, segregation a woman place in a medieval African society, the book had everything. The “homecoming” is Africans is diaspora finding there way back to there root. I think two characters possessed the gift of prophecy, Afua and Marcus. Both were restless and feeling that something is missing. At least Afua got to see the firewoman in her dreams but Marcus had premonition to guide him. I relate so well with Marjorie’s character, her displaced feeling. Then there was Quel who was actually gay but couldn’t act on it, the part where he thought to himself if he was going to live in the hut like one of the wives was quite hilarious.
    I can’t wait for others to dig into this book. Thanks SLA for suggesting the “Homecoming”

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