2019 is our year Motherland Moguls! This year...

We are setting goals and achieving them with no excuses!
We are getting multiple streams of income and living within our means!
We are working out and eating right!
We are working hard and taking days off to relax!
We are going to be networking, growing, and learning!
We are living our very best lives and doing the most in 2019!

Recommended resource to jumpstart your year!

SLA New Year, New Goals Guide

Learning from the past (and not living in the past), helps you avoid repeating the same mistakes, allows you to take charge of your life and helps you to make more informed decisions that will guarantee you success!

The guide aims to help you assess 2018 and plan for the year ahead. This way you become aware of your success and misfortunes, and gives you insight into how much can happen in a year!

What this guide covers:

- 2018 in review
- Steps to setting your 2019 goals
- Identifying your fears and how to overcome them
- Identifying your passions and how to harness them
- Actionable worksheets for setting & meeting your 2019 goals