career strategy guide

SLA’s Career Strategy Guide

By Rafeeat Aliyu

Heard about a career strategy but not sure how to go about it? We’ve talked about this before. How can  you not have a career strategy? SLA contributor Tamaan Wilkinson, schooled us on the importance of having a career strategy. You need to know off heart the steps that you’ll be taking to become the […]

your business your day job and your sanity

Holding on to your business, your day job and your sanity

By She Leads Africa

Itching to be an entrepreneur but not ready to give up your day job? Lots of people begin their businesses as a side hustle. It definitely makes sense. When you first start your venture might not be the time to leave your full time job. Or you are still learning from and enjoying your day […]

Starting a business: the first step

Starting a Business: The Very First Step

By She Leads Africa

Ready to be an entrepreneur but confused about where to start? Do you want to wake up every day doing something you love? Are you ready to be your own boss? Call the shots? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you just might be ready to be an entrepreneur. But wait…do […]

5 Types of Money Accounts Every Woman Should Have Before 35

5 Types Of Accounts Every Woman Should Have Before 35

By She Leads Africa

Mo money, mo problems right? Maybe for Diddy, but definitely not for us. Definitely not in this economy and with the bills we need to pay and with the power moves we’re trying to make. More money equals more financial security for ourselves, our businesses and our families but how do we go about achieving […]

Interview Prep Sheet

By She Leads Africa

Your resume was on point. Your cover letter showed them how passionate you are for the job. You passed the screening call. Now all you have to do is ace the interview to get that dream job right? The interview is where so many people stumble and lose out on the job of their dreams. […]

Building an online community-1

Building an online community: 16 practical strategies for growth

By She Leads Africa

When starting up a business, it can be very challenging getting the attention of potential customers, suppliers and business partners, especially when it’s just you screaming from the rooftops. Once you get some visibility via social media and the press, then people start to take you more seriously and there may be some light at the […]

Write The Perfect Cover Letter In One Hour

By She Leads Africa

If you’ve found a job that you’re really excited about and can’t wait to apply for, this is the time for you to put your best foot forward. But do you know how to stand out from the competition? Everyone knows that resumes are critical but what about your cover letter? Cover letters give you an opportunity […]

Launch Your Business In 10 Days

By She Leads Africa

What do these three women all have in common?  They are obviously SLA rockstars but more importantly they are young women just like you who decided to take the leap to do something about a business idea they had been thinking about for awhile. They decided they wanted to put themselves on the path towards self-sufficiency, […]

Build A Pitch Deck That Brings In The Cash

By She Leads Africa

A pitch deck has become the standard way to introduce your business to potential investors and partners. Unfortunately this is not something you’ll learn on the job or in school and very few people are willing to share their pitch decks with others. We’ve pulled together the best examples from more than 1,000 pitch decks […]