8 International residencies for African visual artists in 2018

 Are you a visual artist or art student who dreams of traveling the world?

While every other day we read one article or the other of people quitting their jobs to travel the world, sadly that will just never be a reality for many people.

But that does not mean we should write our dreams off completely because International residency programs are one way for you to explore new places across the world!

Without further Ado, here are 8 thrilling international residencies you might want to look out for.

1. Est-Nort-Est, résidence d´artistes

The top priority of Est-Nort-Est is to encourage artistic research and experimentation in contemporary art. Artists will have access to an individual studio and share a collective house with the other artists.

The program places importance on working in new cultural spaces, and dialogue between artists of different backgrounds.

The Est-Nort-Est residencies take place three times a year: spring, summer, and autumn.

Location: Québec, Canada

Style: Contemporary Art

Media: Visual Art, Sculpture, Textile Art, New Media, Painting, Installation

Duration: Two months

Funding: $1215 stipend and lodging provided.

2. Art Noise Travel Residency

While many residencies typically take place in one country throughout the course of the residency, art noise travel residency will take place in 3 different countries, although within Africa, if you have ever wanted to learn and travel, this might be something you are interested in.

The Art Noise residency is open to not only visual artists but designers and art theorists as well.

Artists will receive guidance from more experienced colleagues in the residency. In return, all artists will create at least one project per country inspired by a culture in that country and presentations are expected.

Selected artists will also have access to a private studio and apartment, cultural spots, tourist locations and gallery spaces.

Location: About 3 African countries

Media: Visual Art, Sculpture, New Media, Printmaking, design, art theist.

Duration: A little over three months.

Funding: Studio provided. Allowance and Accommodation available.


3. Villa Lena Foundation

The Villa Lena Foundation is a non-profit that supports contemporary artists working in art, music, film, and various other creative endeavors.

Each year, they invite applicants to live and work in a 19th-century villa in the Tuscan countryside for two months in order to promote multi-disciplinary dialogue between professional artists of all levels and backgrounds.

The Villa Lena Foundation is a hub for new research, collaborative discussion, and innovative ideas.

Selected artists will stay on a thousand acre estate with sweeping views of vineyards and olive groves. Artists are asked to donate a work to the Villa at the end of their stay, where it will be displayed on the property.

Location: Tuscany, Italy

Media: Visual Art, music, film, literature, fashion and other creative disciplines.

Duration: Two months.

Funding: Lodging, studio, and half-board included (breakfast and dinner).


4. 360 Xochi Quetzal Artist Residency

360 Xochi Quetzal Artist Residency is a fairly new organization that provides free housing, studio space and board for its residents.

Based in central Mexico, this charming mountain town is home to many artists who gather in the cafes, ride horses around the mountains and gather by the lake to watch the pelicans.

Artists are lodged in a hacienda style home with both individual rooms and studios and shared living and dining areas.

All artists provided with a desk and wi-fi, painters get professional easels, ceramic artists have access to a kiln, and a new floor loom was just obtained for weavers.

Location: Chapala, Mexico

Media: Visual Art, New Media, Printmaking, Sculpture, Ceramics, Textile Art, Photography.

Duration: One month.

Funding: Enjoy free housing, wi-fi, all utilities, laundry on the premises, and weekly maid service. Each resident also receives a $1,000 peso food stipend. You will only need to pay for your local transportation, entertainment, and additional food.


5. Nordisk Kunstnarsenter Dale

The Nordic Artists’ Center was established in 1998 and is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture to bring international artists in the visual arts together.

With the stunning, award-winning architecture with sweeping vistas, this residency attracts artists from all over the world to concentrate on their work while taking in the surroundings. Over 1520 artists applied for spots last year, with only five residencies available for each session 

SLA Tip: make sure your application is in tip-top shape before submitting.

The center’s facilities include private residences, wireless internet access, a shared workshop, a machinery hall for woodwork, a darkroom, and a ventilated room for painting, etc.

The workshop is also furnished with welding equipment and facilities for printmaking. English and Norwegian are spoken.

Location: Dale Sunnfjord, Norway

Media: Visual Art, Design, Architecture, and Curators.

Duration: Two or three months.

Funding: The residency at the Nordic Artists’ Centre includes a monthly grant of 1200 USD, living and working space, as well as support for travel expenses up to 725 USD, which will be reimbursed on arrival.


In this new type of Artist-in-residence program, artists choose at least two different studio/workshop spaces to visit in order to complete a proposed project, deepen techniques, and exhibit work.

With many studios to take residence in, artists have the opportunity for rich exchange between experienced and emerging artists alike.

This residency is for emerging, mid-career, and established artists of all disciplines.

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Media: Visual Art, New Media, Printmaking, Sculpture.

Duration: Two weeks minimum.

Funding: Depending on the case, R.A.R.O might be able to grant some scholarships to foreign artists. Find more information on their website.


7. MAK-Schindler Residency

West-coast wanderers can slip into a California state of mind while roosting in the Rudolph Schindler-designed Mackey Apartments.

Every year, the MAK-Schindler residency invites two artists and two architects to explore the intersection of culture and the built environment of Los Angeles. MAK steps in with a healthy monthly stipend and the LA connections to realize resident projects, which are made public through a final exhibition.

Location: Los Angeles, California

Media: Visual Art, New Media, Printmaking, Sculpture.

Duration: Six months


8. Richard Rogers Fellowship at Residency

This research-based residency programme was launched in October 2016 by the Harvard Graduate School of Design team.

Taking inspiration from its namesake, Lord Rogers, the Fellowship does not distinguish between disciplines; any accomplished professional or scholar whose work addresses the built environment is encouraged to apply.

Six fellows will be selected each year for a 12-week residency in Rogers’ famed Wimbledon House – which he built for his parents in the 1960s. Next year will also see the Modernist building filled with lectures, exhibitions, and parties.

This residency is for emerging, mid-career, and established artists of all disciplines

Location: Wimbledon House, London, UK

Media: Visual Art, New Media, Printmaking, Sculpture.

Duration: Three months

Do you know of any special opportunities or events lined up for 2018? Share it with us here.


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