Jobs – Progams Department


She Leads Africa is a digital media company that believes in the power of young African women to build amazing careers and businesses, serve as community leaders and influencers, and eventually take over the world. We derive revenue from brand partnerships, advertising revenue and direct to consumer sales (through our event ticket sales and digital learning opportunities).

Our ambition is to become the number one destination for the millions of smart and ambitious African women out there whilst building an Oprah-inspired media empire that’s admired the world round.  

We’re looking to hire a project management rain maker who can help us deliver some of the most amazing experiences for smart and ambitious African women.
This roles are open in Lagos (Nigeria), Cape Town (South Africa), and Johannesburg (South Africa) only. This role is open to male AND female candidates – we believe in diversity 😉
Reporting Structure: The Program Manager will report to the head of the Programs Department.


 Members of the Programs team will be responsible for organizing and generating revenue from SLA off line programs (e.g. the SheHive and SLAYFestival).
Responsibilities include but are not limited to
  • Work with the COO to research and compile pre-event data such as competitive events, marketing partner targets, sponsor targets, topics, and speakers.
  • Secure event partnerships which involves research, conference calls, proposals and in-person meetings.
  • Conduct customer development research to identify the skills and trainings our community is looking for and integrate that into our programs.
  • Engage relevant content partners, set-up meetings, and drive short and long-term goals.
  • Innovate our marketing channels to engage event participants such as website content, social media platforms and public relations
  • Collaborate with the editorial lead to generate media sales and partnerships for our online properties.
  • Serve as a spokesperson for official events and programs
  • Deliver proprietary SLA business trainings
  • Hustle to identify new contacts and sell them on SLA


The ideal candidates will have strong problem solving and analytical skills, experience in event planning and event management and is obsessed with all things digital. Comfort using tools like Instagram and Facebook to engage an audience are a must as well as a willingness to throw oneself into waters unknown. If this role is for you, you’ll be excited to work in a fast paced environment and committed to working until the job is done. 

Specific requirements include:

  • Excellent English writing skills
  • Able to deliver on metrics-driven results and an understanding of analytics
  • Previous experience in events planning and events management
  • Comfortable using google drive
  • Able to work independently
  • Fantastic organisational skills (time management, prioritising tasks, thinking ahead)
  • A DELIVER attitude
  • Marketing/ Sales experience a plus
  • Fun AF – because we’re gonna be spending a lot of time together so


  • Entry level salary with commission
  • Opportunity to travel across Africa and interact with Africa’s leading voices and entrepreneurs
  • Work from anywhere as long as you can keep in touch with Skype and Google Hangouts
  • Work with a moderately fun team who prefer sweatpants over stilettos –> though feel free to keep your stilettos if you’re about that life.

Application process:

You’ll need to create a series of tasks which you can find here. Please complete these using Google Drive. Once this is complete, you can input all your information into the form below.

Unfortunately due to the number of applications we receive, we will not be able to contact everyone who applies. We will not be able to answer additional questions via email.