Meet MARIAM DIABY: Côte d’Ivoire’s top natural hair influencer

Mariam Diaby is a natural hair influencer from Côte d’Ivoire. She holds a degree in Marketing and International Business.

In 2011, she created Nappys de Babi, a community of more than 26,000 members mobilized to promote natural beauty, with a focus on nappy hair.

Under her entrepreneur’s cap, she launched the Kun’si Hair Centers chain in December 2017.

Miriam is one of the 5 She Leads Africa x Dark and Lovely Beauty Accelerator, finalists. As part of the program, she just completed a 1-week intensive boot camp at the L’Oréal HQ in Johannesburg.

In this article, she shares her experience and highlight of the program with us. 

About my business…

Kun’si is a hair care specialist brand providing quality services to natural women through a network of affordable centers.

My experience during the SLA x Dark and Lovely Beauty Accelerator residency…

It was very empowering meeting experts in different sectors, who shared the best practices to enhance our business development.

It was also interesting to discover multiple experiences in the same domain, each one adapted to a specific environment.

Highlight of the residency program…

Pitching my business was definitely one of the best moments! I learned to introduce Kun’si in 5 minutes and also highlight the best assets to retain attention. Working on my pitch deck was a very good exercise.

Now I understand my unique selling proposition. I’m a natural hair influencer, and I have the facility to collect essential information from an existing community and then adapt my offer to its needs

As a business owner, what would you say is your unique selling proposition?

I have the facility to collect essential information from an existing community and then adapt my offer to its needs.

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What’s the most important thing the SLA Accelerator residency has taught you?

“Constant quality is important for consumers.” – Heard in the PR session.

For me, this sentence summarizes the essence of success, insights, content value, customers, and competition.

Constantly studying your environment and target audience will lead you to always produce the best solution to your target.

One of your exercises during the residency was to create a vision board for 2019. What’s that one goal you MUST achieve in 2019?

LOSE WEIGHT. If I do this, I will do ANYTHING.

What’s your secret sauce? How do you get your glow up?

Faith. It leads me to everything. Happiness, joy, strength, optimism.


Are you a Tea or coffee gal?

Tea all day, every day!

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