As one of Nigeria’s leading asset management and financial advisory firm, FSDH Asset Management aims to educate young women about their finances and help them reach their financial goals by investing.

In order to achieve this goal, FSDH AM partnered with SLA to create four guides called Quick Maths, that will explain some of the most basic financial terms.

We’re taking those tricky financial terms and breaking it down so you know what they mean and how to make them work for you, this is why FSDH AM is connecting with #MotherlandMoguls.

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Go get that schmoney!

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1. How to generate capital to start your business

This guide covers ways you can generate capital to start your business. It’s impossible to start and grow a business without capital or funding, no matter how little. You gotta get that seed money in check! 

Money doesn’t come for free

You heard that right! When starting a business, it can be difficult to gather capital otherwise known as your seed money, but it is doable. This guide highlights the various ways you can generate capital for your business and will show you practical ways to get started.

Seed Money (Guide/E-BOOK)

It’s also important for every business owner to consider investment as an option to grow their money into a larger sum over time. With FSDH AM, you can explore various investment options that’ll suit your financial goals. Contact FSDH AM here.

2. Spread your income across different investment and savings

If you really want to see your money grow, you must be open to exploring other options. Whether you’re a low or high-income earner, try not to have all your money/ savings in one place.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

It’s best to spread your income across different types of investments such as stocks, real estate, e.t.c.

Diversifying lowers the risk of your overall savings or investments under-performing, or losing money. Trust me, girl, you want investments that don’t move up and down at the same time. If one investment isn’t performing well the other(s) should be doing better.

Diversifying (Guide/E-BOOK)

If you’re having difficulties diversifying your income, this guide is for you. FSDH AM offers various investment options to help you save and protect your savings. Contact FSDH AM here.

3. Use your Bottom line to your advantage

Every Motherland Mogul should know what their bottom line is and understand how to use it. Simply put, your bottom line is your net income after all expenses have been deducted.

How do you spend your net income?

Grow your bottom line

If you’re a business owner or career woman you need to monitor how you spend your bottom line. Having a good bottom line means you are wise in your spending or your business is growing.

This guide highlights the various ways you can increase your bottom line, and FSDH AM has a variety of investment plans just for you. Contact FSDH AM here.

Bottom line (Guide/E-BOOK)

You should continually develop ways to increase your bottom line and if you have no clue, this guide will show you how.

4. Always set aside money for unexpected emergencies.

You can never tell when something might pop out of the blues, and you may not be able to handle it financially. You have to be prepared for such events.

Save for the rainy day

Having an emergency fund is like having an umbrella in the rain. This means you’re well protected. It lets you handle unexpected financial needs without taking on debt.

A rainy day fund covers life’s inevitable surprises. Don’t wait for emergencies to happen first before you start saving up money. Start now!

Emergency Funds (Guide/E-BOOK)

You can build up your emergency fund with FSDH AM. Contact FSDH AM here.

Many of us live paycheck to paycheck and sometimes struggle to meet our immediate financial needs. But you can break that cycle by investing for the future.

FSDH Asset Management has an array of resources for you to achieve your financial goals. So, if you’re looking to invest in your future but not sure how to begin, you can speak to an investment adviser at FSDH AM by clicking here.

Take time to invest in yourself, your future depends on it!