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5 tips to make the most of a slow day at work

When the big conference is over or the quarterly sales report is in, then comes the slow day. Everyone in today’s workplace has moments of...

Acing your side hustle: the DJ Khaled example

Say what you want about DJ Khaled, but you can’t knock the major key to his success— his hustle. While the Miami mogul has been...

Why you should network with your peers, not just your mentors

We have a tendency to approach a career as a “ladder” –always looking upward to the next promotion or raise. There’s no doubt that networking...

Navigating cross-cultural relationships in the workplace

After years living in France and the United States, Aminatou, an experienced business development consultant, arrived in Abidjan to work for a local social enterprise....

Sitting still is the new move: On meditation

Almost everyone I know is either busy or tired. In this age of hyperconnectivity, we’re always “on.” In the race to stay on top of...