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How to deal with end of year disappointment

Happy New Year to you all. Congratulations we made it!! It’s the first month of the year, and it seems like just yesterday that we...

Congratulations!! Here is your degree and 15 extra pounds

Am I the only one who wants a special refund from my alma mater for the additional pounds it added to my body? I can’t...

The new African woman likes sex on the beach

Is it me or is there is a huge rise of the cosmopolitan woman in Africa? I call her, the new African woman. The new...

10 reasons you should be your own #MotherlandMogul before and after marriage

I remember the day it dawned on me that my husband would have his own income. After a long day on campus, I got home...

Pretoria Girls High School: 5 lessons I learned from African girls fighting for their Afros

If you have not been living under a rock, you must have heard about the news that ruled the headlines last month. A group of...