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Here are 5 reasons why you need a personal website

Have you ever seen  a myname.com website and thought “oh that’s so cool but it’s not for me?” Well let me shock you, if you...

Busy yet fit: The urban woman’s guide to staying fit in a fast paced world

I guess congratulations are in order as it seems I found the title of my first book above! 😁 Okay, jokes apart, it’s a new...

How to maintain your figure 8 this holiday season

It’s the end of the year again. Christmas parties, end of year get-togethers, Thanksgiving feasts and lots more. My dear Motherland Mogul, if you are...

4 wellness tips for ladies with baby (or not-so-baby) businesses

Congratulations on starting your business, feels like a new baby, right? It’s really amazing to finally have the time and resources to start living your...