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Tech, Edu and Agro Events in Africa to be on the look out for this year

The success of any business is measured by many factors, growth is one of them. “There are only three ways to grow a business. You...

Babalwa Fatyi: Serving my Purpose with my many hats on

Meet Babalwa Fatyi the South African Environmental Scientist who is a wife, mother, poet, author. She is also the managing director for Myezo Environmental Management Services...

4 easy steps to maintaining a positive attitude in the workplace

Emotional intelligence just like any skill can be learned and mastered. Negative attitudes, just like talent only develops when it is in use. Ever heard...

Increasing your target audience

Although there are countless ways of achieving business success, I will focus on one specific element. The process  of increasing your target audience. This process...

Dorcas Tshuma: Making Every Women Count

Dorcas Tshuma is the South African founding member and programme director for Triumphant Hand of Mercy Initiative (THOMI Africa). THOMI Africa empowers women and girls,...