Quick 1 Min Guide: Tips to quality, engaging social media content

Social Media

Are you looking to improving your business? How do you engage your audience online?  

Below are 7 tools SLA Cofounder, Afua Osei, shared on enhancing social media strategy at SheHive Accra 2016.

1. Determine the objectives of your business

How can social media meet the goals of your brand?


2. Choose the platform(s) for your target audience

social media explained

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


3. Conduct research to help you generate content

What hashtags, pictures, and or videos are trending?


4. Be consistent in your approach to branding

branding guidelines

Use the same format (font, colours, logos, etc.) and language to communicate to your community every time.

5. Develop material that is unique to your business

unique-really_o_1463341Be clear about who you are and what you are trying to accomplish.


6. Proactively interact with audience

You can use an app like Crowdfire to manage your subscribers and tag photos of followers that use your product/service.


7. Gather and analyze data from your social media to see if your strategy is working.

You can use analytics from Facebook, Twitter or platforms such as Iconosquare and Bitly.

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