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In March, we took over Jabi Lake Mall and had a blast with a squad of amazing #MotherlandMoguls. Shout out to Huawei, Hairfinity, the Guardian, Bella Naija, Pulse, Nkataa and Etisalat for helping us make this happen

"I've really enjoyed how intimate the all-access sessions were. I also liked how the co-founders used our own businesses to demonstrate their points. It meant that the lessons were never just theory... they were always practical"
Eyak Bob

"For startup businesses, this is the place to be to get proper structure. For those of us with already established businesses, this is a great place to build your network. I've met some beautiful and amazing women"

"I came all the way from Paris, France. The speakers have all been sp professional and really knew what they were talking about"

Hear from some of the #MotherlandMoguls at #SheHiveAbuja
What is the SheHive?

The SheHive is a transformational experience for young women looking to break through, live their purpose and get real results in their businesses and careers.

Over 5 days She Leads Africa provided more than 15 sessions of training and mentorship, expert led classes and resources covering the topics that young professional women need to know in order to succeed.

About She Leads Africa

She Leads Africa is a community for smart and ambitious young African women. Our goal is to become the #1 digital destination for young women looking to build successful careers and businesses.

5 thoughts on “SheHive Abuja

  1. I love the idea of these sort of forumns but the thing is,similar events,including this, fail to remember the other parts of nigeria. I live very far away from lagos and abuja and as much as i would love to spend cash, travel and lodge (i.e let’s say the case is where i have no one to stay with), i have to be rational. I really feel you must try expanding tho.

    1. Hi Eta thanks for the feedback. As you’ll see from the schedule we’re actually going to 7 different cities across Africa and diaspora this year. While we would love to visit every single city and country, that is very challenging to do. If you’d like us to visit your city, then help us grow our community there! We go where our community is so if you help us get more members there then we’ll be able to host an event near you. You can encourage people to sign up here:

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