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How to Invest Collaboratively with Friends: Tomie Balogun

As a certified financial educator and Instructor, Tomie Balogun has a lot of experience in investing with friends. While pursuing her MBA, she and a few classmates started an investment club. Their passion to achieve financial freedom and make an impact on society saw them successfully invest in various small businesses and assets.  However, investing with friends […]

Ask a Financial Advisor – Volume 1

Financial independence starts with careful planning. If you want to be a millionaire in the future, you have to do the work today. We’re excited to kick off our brand new column called Ask A Financial Advisor. Financial experts from United Capital are taking questions from our community and providing real advice. Read on for […]

Facebook Live with FBNQUEST TRUSTEES: 5 reasons why you need an Estate Plan (Mar 28)

We’ve thought you what you need to do now, to reach your money goals and as the true MotherlandMogul that you are, we know you’ve listened. Now its time to up your game! Ever heard of an estate plan? No, we’re not talking about the estate you live in and its architectural structure. We’re talking […]