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7 steps to Managing Your Finances while on campus

So you get your allowance or money from your side hustle, you’re happy! Next thing, you turn around and you’re flat broke. And now all you are left with is the (thirty) billion dollar question… How did this happen?. Staying on top of your finances while on campus can be hard. But the following are […]

Quick Maths (2): How to diversify your funds with FSDH Asset Management

Money is a tool…Use it wisely! Welcome to the second part of our Quick Maths series. We’ll be sharing with you financial terms, tips, and tricks to get you ahead of your financial game. In the first part, we discussed various ways for you to generate capital to start your business. In this downloadable guide, […]

Quick Maths (1): How to generate income to start a business with FDSH Asset Management

Smart moves early in life can pay BIG long-term….. Now, what’s the point in looking good and slaying when your bank account isn’t smiling back at you? Listen. This is the year to SLAY 100%, and we’re ready to show you how to make money moves the right way. So, are you ready to cash […]