She Leads Africa is digital media and events company that helps young African women achieve their professional dreams. We’re looking to hire a Business Development Manager to help us drive brand partnerships and revenue so we can continue to grow and scale.

What we’re looking for in a Business Development Manager:

  • A person who wants to build SLA into one of Africa’s most successful companies, a company that all African women will be proud of.
  • Some who is passionate about supporting women as they build their entrepreneurial skills.
  • Someone who is interested in the startup ecosystem and being up to date on new tools and processes to help businesses work more efficiently.
  • Someone who is smart and can think on their feet. If you always need your boss to give you direction or answers then this isn’t the role for you.
  • Someone who knows how to communicate and works well in a virtual team
  • Someone with a strong attention to detail. We take our work seriously and if you don’t double check your work before sending it out and ensure that everything is spelled correctly, we won’t mesh.
  • Someone who can take ownership of a project and manage it fully.
  • Someone who is reliable, trustworthy and consistent.

Responsibilities for a Business Development Manager:

  • Identifying and building relationships with relevant local and international brands
  • Creating innovative brand partnerships that creatively integrate our partners’ brands into our programme and that take into account our partners business priorities
  • Generating media sales and partnership for our online properties
  • Researching, innovating and implementing new lines of business.

Keep in mind that we’re a startup so in the end, everyone does a little bit of everything.


  • Work at one of the most exciting start ups on the continent. We’ve been shouted out by BBC, the FT, Fast Company, CNN, Microsoft and we’re only just getting started.
  • Work at a place where you’ll get real responsibility and have an opportunity to make an impact on the   continent
  • Work with a team that takes professional development seriously and will help you build the skills you need to be successful
  • Work at a team that allows you to work remotely for at least 30-40% of your work year


We have ambitious dreams and want She Leads Africa to be one of the leading digital media platforms in the world (not in Africa o – in the WORLD). If Oprah can build a billion dollar media company, why can’t we? This requires a team that is dedicated, hungry, professional and ambitious. We work extremely hard and expect everyone on the team to come correct.

  • If a 9-5 job is what you are looking for, this is not the place for you. You’ll be unhappy and we’ll be annoyed.
  • If the idea of a 12-hr work day kills you, just close this tab on your browser. You don’t wanna work here.
  • If you don’t know how to stick to deadlines and aren’t comfortable working at a quick and, often times, unrelenting pace, please do not apply.
  • If you need to be around people to do your work, please do not apply. We often work remotely and no one has the time to baby sit you.
  • If you’re the queen of excuses, i.e. madam “my internet is slow”, “there was traffic” it’s not gonna work out. We want someone who get the job done at all costs.
  • If you are a yes woman and don’t know how to respectfully disagree with your managers, you will never survive here.
  • If you only want to join SLA because you see the glitz and glamour on Insta and want to be a part of that life, this won’t end well for you.
  • If you talk a good game with all the fancy grammar in the world but can’t execute… i.e. the type of person who comes to every meeting with a new idea when you still haven’t seen through the idea you came up with at the last meeting, we bid you adieu.
  • If you’re the type of person who sees an ambitious goal and lists all the reasons why it can’t be done, adios amiga. We’re looking for someone who’ll take a step back, recognize the magnitude of the goal and tell us what we need to do to get there.

Seriously, let’s not waste your time or our time. What we’re tryna do at SLA is gonna be a lot of stress and wahala. You will work harder than you’ve ever worked but you’re also learn faster and more deeply than you ever thought possible.

We’re a startup so you already know your base salary is gonna be low. We want someone who’s about to ride or die with us; someone who isn’t joining SLA for a quick pay check today but rather sees SLA’s enormous potential and wants to make sure we get there.

  • Base salary of N150,000 or R6,500 per month
  • 5% commission on all revenue you bring in
  • 2% commission of departmental profits
  • International travel at least once a year but most likely more

Salaries are reviewed annually and are increased depending on how well the business done. So if you wanna make more money, you gotta hustle for more business. Last year, pay increased by 60%. If you’re still standing after 1 year, you’ll be eligible for equity which will vest over a 4 year period.


  • Familiarity with She Leads Africa
  • Bachelors degree preferred
  • Minimum work experience of 1-2 years in a formal work environment
  • Sales or business development experience preferred
  • Basic familiarity with Microsoft Powerpoint and Excel.
  • Based in Lagos or Johannesburg.
  • Willing to travel across Africa

Please only apply if you meet these requirements and your application answers are not a mess. In fact, why not take a look at this article just be 100% sure you could be a good fit for the role.

Application Questionnaire

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