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Unathi Mtwa is a 26-year-old who holds a B. Tech degree in Financial Information Systems and is currently working as a Young Professional in Training at a Freight rail company. When she is not at work, she will be at church choir practice or at home reading a book or catching up on a series.

She hopes to begin a business venture of choice which is dedicated to educating, empowering and enriching many with a skill of foreign exchange.

Unathi Mtwa is one of many who is on a mission to Educate, Empower and Educate 250 000 Africans by 2020, and so she’s calling out to all Boss Babes who want to be part of this movement.

How did you begin Forex Trading?

As a young woman in her mid-20’s, I felt exhausted with the routine life of waking up, going to work, coming back to cook, watching television and sleeping, only to repeat this all year round.

I needed something to challenge me intellectually (apart from my job), develop me personally, and give a sense of purpose to my life, so I decided to do some research on Income producing activities and went to a lot of workshops and presentations until I found my match.

A young leader introduced me to an industry I had longed to learn but had uncertainties about, and in the short space that I have been learning and earning with iMarketLive. Forex trading has since filled the void I had.

For those who are curious about Forex trading, Forex is a shortcut for Foreign Exchange, which in short is the trade of a currency for the other. It includes all aspects of buying, selling and exchanging major currencies at a determined price.

Forex is currently a 5.3 Trillion Average, per day activity industry, running on different trading sessions between diverse investors, which in this case will be most relevant to retail investors/traders, our main customers at IML.

Who can go into the forex trading business? Is it for only people in the accounting field?

Absolutely Not. Becoming a retail investor in the foreign exchange industry does not require an accounting qualification. It is a skill that people in different disciplines can learn to perfect over time.   


Tell us about IMarketsLive, and how you began

IMarketsLive is a first-class Forex education provider, which is currently running in over 120 Countries. It is not a broker and does not handle any Forex trading accounts, and hence does not make commissions on any activities in one’s account.

While IMarketslive makes no guarantees on results, the company takes pride in its services of bringing the best education platform to all who want to acquire trading skills and lifetime understanding of how to be a better trader.

With IML’s products and learning academy, you can learn at your own pace, space and time.

I started with IML by purchasing one of their financial education packages, the Platinum Package which has everything the company has to offer about the Foreign exchange.

Becoming a retail investor in the foreign exchange industry does not require an accounting qualification. Click To Tweet

How did IML Academy begin?

Iml academy is one of the educational platforms that Iml has to offer and began shortly after the company was started as a means to educate its students through a structured series of educational videos.

The academy is structured in such a way that you may watch whatever tutorial, however many times you nee, until you can apply such knowledge with confidence.


What products and resources do the academy have to enable easy learning of this trade?

IMarketsLive has at least 60 videos that educate you about everything you need to know, from basic knowledge of what Forex is, when to sell\buy and leveraging to expertise knowledge of trend analysis, proper risk management and

They have high educational level products like the Harmonic Scanner, Web Analyzer, Swipe Trades and other great products that assist with high probability confirmation to help increase your chances of profiting, by scanning the markets on multiple time frames seeking precise entries and thus offering trade alerts at your convenience, which you may choose to act on, and with the detailed analysis help understand where and how the signals came to be.

Are you in this Industry full time, or is it something you do on the side?

No. I have a full-time job as a young professional in training at Transnet Freight Rail. I’m learning Forex on the side.


How can people interested in learning how to trade get involved with IMarketsLive?

The first thing to do is to find out if this is aligned with your vision in life and to ask yourself if you’re willing to put in the time, focus and work while learning.

If so you can get in touch with an Iml distributor or myself to share with you the necessary information to help you purchase an IML product most suitable for you.

For detailed Info: Visit our website, or send an email to

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