Linda Abakus-Mallan: Dear would-be mumpreneurs, be ready to put in the work

Linda Abakus-Mallan is a graduate of Pharmacy. She obtained her B. Pharm degree at the University of Jos, Plateau, Nigeria.

Linda is a Pharmacist who runs her own pharmacy store, and the founder of Leandahs Foods – a natural spice shop and the go-to destination for natural foods and spices at affordable prices. 

She is also married with two adorable children.

In this article, she talks about what led to her passion for natural foods, her biggest lessons and experiences as an entrepreneur and shares some nuggets of wisdom for aspiring mumpreneurs.

 Tell us about your business – Leandahs Foods.

Leandahs Foods is a Nigerian spice shop that processes and sells healthy foods and spices at affordable prices.  From extra virgin African black olive oil to acha flour, turmeric powder, unadulterated raw honey, rosemary leaves, and other natural foods and spices. We’ve got lovers of natural foods covered!

Apart from that, we add value to the lives of our customers by sharing amazing contents centered on natural health and delicious natural food recipes.

What led to your passion for natural foods?

My health condition during my second pregnancy was a tough one. I battled with borderline gestational diabetes, especially during my third trimester.

I was told I was going to be induced which was a No-No for me. So, I had to source for alternatives that would make my birthing process easier. I leaned towards natural products and the rest, as they say, is history.

My passion was further fueled when a close friend of mine was able to battle and survive breast cancer simply by eating clean.

So, I told myself, if I had doubts before, her experience opened my eyes to the healing wonders of foods and vegetables (natural foods).

What were your main concerns about starting a small organic business?

Truth be told, it wasn’t easy! I was worried about the accessibility of my products to more people and the availability of my products.

Plus, being a newbie in a niche that is fast becoming heavily dominated, I was worried about how to stand out from the sea of other competitors.

What has been your biggest lesson since starting Leandahs Foods?

Patience. Consistency. Focus.

As a business owner, there are days when you are tempted to pull out your hair or let your temper run wild especially when there’s a misunderstanding with your customers or people who work with you.

It is easy to lose focus and give up easily as a business owner. At timeses, you’re plagued with low sales, glitches caused by vendors you source from, logistics problem and the likes.

Or you could even be intimidated by the success of your competitor (s).

I’ve come to realize that everyone has his/her own path. You have to be patient. Stay focused and don’t give up - Linda Abakus-Mallan Click To Tweet

And I’ve also learned not to follow what every other person is doing. I dare to be different, I infuse ME, I infuse my originality.

Where do you see Leandahs Foods in the near future?

Leandahs Foods is definitely going places. I intend to own my own acha processing plant in the future and to have a natural food brand to be reckoned with.

Apart from running Leandahs Foods what else do you do?

As a pharmacist, I run my own pharmacy store.  Thanks to the benefits of social media, when I’m not running the pharmacy or Leandahs Foods, I’m a full-time housewife.

Any advice for aspiring mumpreneurs?

Dear would-be mumpreneurs, be ready to put in the work. This entails doing lots of research, being creative (dare to think outside the box), learn to manage your work-life balance, be ready to learn (even if you have to pay for courses) as there is no end to learning.

Practice patience, be consistent, and above all, be prayerful – seek for God’s blessings and favour. 

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