This is where all the free resume templates have been hiding

Yesss! You get a…

Resume! And you get a resume. And you get a resume. We all get resumes.

Thanks to this site.

I’ve wanted to upgrade my resume in a professional but easy way for some time. I went online and found a couple of templates, but they were either extremely simple or too complicated and required payment. I wasn’t about to go with either of these choices, so I had to find a new way to get an awesome template for a resume.

And did I find one! I stumbled upon Hloom, a website with over 1200 free resume templates (the site provides different types of documents, like flyers and certificates, as well).

Yes, you can download the templates on Hloom and yes, they open in Microsoft Office programs.

Resume templates on Hloom are divided by style (basic, tabular, contemporary) and profession. Since I’m a writer (of mainly undisclosed rap albums and Nobel and Grammy acceptance speeches), I wanted to go with a creative resume. Additionally, because most of my freelance jobs contain tasks around media management, I chose this one:



When I clicked the resume file name, I came here



This is the resume template after downloading

resume screenshot-1

And my updated resume below

Just after a few simple adjustments; change of fonts, images and order of content,

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 8.06.28 AM

Updating your resume was never this easy!

This is how you get your resume to the top of the pile

We’ve all seen our fair share of resumes. And to be honest, most of them had room for improvement.

And because SLA loves seeing you slay professionally, we are spilling the beans on how to create a memorable resume with these 5 tips.

Resume or curriculum vitae?

Whereas a resume is a brief overview of a person’s educational achievement and work experience, a curriculum vitae (CV) is not.


A CV is a detailed version of a resume. Decide which one suits your needs best, or better still, create two templates for different job applications.

The order of things

Do you know those people who get lost in the layout of their documents? Or those who start without a layout? I was one of those people,and can tell you it’s not having one is counterproductive.


To create an outline, draw up all the information your resume need, splitting them into clear categories. Then arrange the work experiences either chronologically or based on functionality.

Last, work on overall look. Try to stay away from fancy fonts, and please no funky colours unless you’re applying for creative position.

Stay serious

I’ve performed stand-up comedy that left people (OK, just my mom) in tears. Nowadays, I think twice before cracking a joke. Humor is subjective, because it’s personal.


To a potential employer, your resume is just a piece of paper, or a pdf. Getting clever or artsy on your resume can destroy your chances of getting a job.

Applying for a job is serious affair, so make sure your resume reflects that.

Be honest

Remember when Joey from Friends acted like he danced with the National Ballet? He looked like a fool at his audition with his poor excuse for jazz hands. Tribbiani taught me to never, ever lie on my resume!


Holidaying three weeks in Paris does not make you fluent in French, and does not count as an ‘intense course of European languages’ either. 

Do yourself a favour and list only those skills and achievements you can prove.

Show initiative

A lot of companies use an applicant tracking system (ATS). Avoid these whenever you can. Headhunters and recruitment professionals tell us the more pro-active and personal we are in reaching out, the more likely we are to be invited to an interview.


In your email, compliment the company on their recent achievement or a speech given by the CEO, and share your interest in ongoing projects. These will demonstrate you’re interested in the company, and who knows you might just be getting that call saying you’ve been hired.

So there you have it, our top 5 tips to creating a memorable CV. What other tips do you have for keeping your resume above the rest? Share them with us.

Facebook Q & A with Afua Osei: Writing a top resume (Feb 10)

Afua Osei

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Afua Osei11With only 6 seconds to impress a recruiter and heavy competition for roles, your resume is your first opportunity to set yourself apart.

Having a well put together resume is a fundamental right for any Motherland Mogul looking to take advantage of new career opportunities and gain acceptance to top school programs and internships.

Join us for a Facebook Q & A to get top tips on putting together a well put together resume.

Questions we’ll answer:

  • What’s the difference between a resume and a CV?
  • Should your resume be longer than one page?
  • How to showcase your experience when you only have school activities and volunteer work?
  • Should your experience be in past tense or present tense?
  • How to choose which previous work experiences to highlight when you have a long work history?

About Afua Osei:

Afua is a cofounder of She Leads Africa and is dedicated to building up amazing young African women. She has used her resume to gain admission to some of the world’s prestigious programs including the Fulbright Scholarship program and the White House and the office of First Lady Michelle Obama. She also used her resume to snag admissions into a top business school and public policy program at the University of Chicago.

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Write The Perfect Cover Letter In One Hour

If you’ve found a job that you’re really excited about and can’t wait to apply for, this is the time for you to put your best foot forward. But do you know how to stand out from the competition? Everyone knows that resumes are critical but what about your cover letter?

Cover letters give you an opportunity to distinguish yourself from a flood of resumes. Use them to highlight your passion for the role, why you’re great fit for the company, and  your stellar communication skills.

Download the workbook, and in just a few step you’ll polish the cover letter that will differentiate you from the crowd.

Topics this guide will cover:

– How to select which work/volunteering experiences to highlight in your cover letter

– How to personalize your cover letter and showcase your research

– Structure and format

– How to write a strong opening and closing paragraph

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