Digital marketing is one of the easiest ways to grow your brand. #MotherlandMoguls in the know are already familiar with SEO, CPC, ROI…but we understand that for those who aren’t in the know the whole thing can be overwhelming.

Because SLA always has your back, we sought the experts at Wild Fusion to share what they know about digital marketing with us. Wild Fusion is Africa’s leading digital marketing agency with offices in Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya. Ace digital marketing right here.

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The super basic introduction to digital marketing

Just how can African entrepreneurs do digital marketing for their companies? This basic introduction breaks down things to prepare you for an in-depth look into digital marketing for entrepreneurs.

Social media marketing – What? Why? How?

Believe it or not, there was a time when social media marketing was regarded as a fad. We now know it’s an important part of the marketing funnel. But entrepreneurs can still get this form of digital marketing wrong.

social media marketing

Is my business ready for SEO?

Think your business is not ready for SEO? Think again. As long as you have a website, you need SEO. Use these tips to get started.

WEBINAR: How to grow your business with digital marketing

It has been proven by many successful businesses, that digital marketing is the way forward to boost and expand your business online. But what you need to know now is how to keep up its evolving and ever-changing strategies.

This webinar with experts from Wild Fusion, Agatha Emina and Prashant Kirpalani covered the following topics

  • Digital marketing for African start-ups
  • The top 4 mistakes you need to stop making on your business social media page
  • Strategies you can use to gain more customers without breaking your budget

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Top-level website changes that will turbocharge your business SEO

The whole idea of SEO for your business is to bring sales and profitability your way. The 5 ideas shared in this article will help get you started on your way to profit.

The art of loyalty: How to build brand love and engagement with content marketing

We break down what content marketing is and how to small businesses can maximise it. Here you’ll find tips on how to integrate content marketing into your strategy.

Build a social media strategy for your brand with these 7 tips

Have you found your brand’s tone of voice? Are you always sincere? Do you ask for feedback from your audience? If not, you’re most likely using social media wrong. These 7 tips will help you perfect your social media strategy.

INFOGRAPHIC: 6 ways to use Snapchat for business

Have you thought of adding Snapchat to your marketing mix? Well if you haven’t, you should. Snapchat’s daily numbers are in the millions and spell potential profits for your business.