Winner Ezekiel: Millennials Need to Give Themselves a Chance

Winner Ezekiel is a certified speaker, author and business trainer who is really passionate about helping millennial entrepreneurs build influence, grow their business and multiply their income.

She got on this path when she lost her dad at age 17. It was a really trying period for her family and she realized how bad it was to be so dependent on someone because her dad was their strong foundation.

It took a while for her family to bounce back and so she decided to help other people, especially millennial’s, be truly independent whether it be from a husband, a job, a wife or anything that can rock their foundation once it’s gone.

What are the top 3 tips millennial’s going into business need, to get started effectively?

Any Millennial that aspires to go into business must first be very sure about what exactly they want to do. It is important to not just start a business because it is the “thing” that is happening everywhere. You need to start with a ‘WHY’.

Secondly, you need to be well grounded in your field of interest. This includes thoroughly carrying out research on that area of interest in order to understand it well.

Finally, getting a coach is quite important. Coaches are your short-cut to business growth and success. Get someone that has done what you want to do and get associated with them as soon as possible.

What do you wish more millennials knew about the changing marketplace?

The marketplace is changing every single day, week, month and year. It’s very important for millennial’s to always follow the trends in order to build a profitable business. They shouldn’t just take the old route of marketing their business but should focus on automating and installing profitable funnels that work.

They can also make more sales through building personal brands that connect with their audience. This could be through funnels and systems that help them connect or offering incentives that build their audience. It is important to build a community of people who can grow your business.

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Are there challenges you encounter while dealing with millennial’s?

Some of them are not ready to give themselves a chance. They always want to seek the opinions of their friends or their spouse before they can make a decision that can most likely change their lives.

Yet when they do seek this information, some millennial’s fail to take action on it because of reasons such as laziness or quitting too soon.

What is your top tip for changing mindsets and escaping limiting beliefs?

My top tip for changing mindsets and escaping a limiting mindset is very practical. First, get a book or diary, write out all the limiting beliefs that you have heard or you have told yourself. Then after that, write out 3 reasons why they are not true.

Read these reasons to yourself every morning and every night and visualize it and believe it. You get anything you want by following this process and you transform your life as far as your mind is fixated on that particular outcome.

How can young millennial women balance not being too forward?

Research has shown that women have more successful businesses than men. This is because while men have sight, women have insight.

It’s so common for a woman to shy away from putting herself out there because of what society will say or what her family will say. But the thing is, women have the innate potential to be more powerful than they take credit for. My single mother raised her children single-handedly with what she made.

Every woman should gradually but surely forget about what society will say and just put themselves out there. It could be through joining a trending conversation about women, lending their thoughts on problems in the society.

As women embrace this process, balance is being created and women get more confident and empowered to contribute more to the society instead of shying away from it.

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