Kendi Sapepa

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Looking back at 2016’s lessons

As we stroll into 2017, I wanted to take a look back at it, and see what has stood out as really important lessons learned in 2016. First up, we have; Listen to your inner voice As cliché as it may sound, sometimes when working on certain proje... Read More...
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Clothing etiquette 101

Clothing etiquette is defined as 'knowing what is appropriate to wear for particular occasions'. In other words, what you wear is defined by the entertainment. For example: Black is the standard colour to a funeral, as opposed to a bright ye... Read More...
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Looking into the stylist profession

Style can be defined as; a distinctive way or method that a particular item is worn. As life would have it, not all of us are great at style, which is when stylists come to the rescue. Being a stylist is fast-becoming one of the quickest emerging ... Read More...
Kendi Sapepa

Kendi Sapepa

Kendibone is a BCom Hons Marketing graduate who resides in Johannesburg, where she is the founder and fabric-sculptor for her clothing brand; Barbara McKenzie. She's a lover of dry-humour and good food, and when she isn't laughing, eating or sewing, she is trying to learn how to whistle.