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Be good to yourself: The art of self-love

We were all born and celebrated as cute little bundles of joy. Then we blossom and the cuteness somewhat fades away. Then comes the bosses, colleagues, mates, boys, men, and friends. This is when the seed of self-love you've sowed is put to test. If ... Read More...

How smart women multi-task

The idea that women-led or owned businesses are usually on a small-scale basis, run out of homes and often have less than five employees, is old. We have outgrown the ‘cookies and crafts’ stereotype and have our sights set on bigger goals now. In cas... Read More...

Your guide to dressing in the workplace

Dressing matters. Entering the corporate world as a young lady, I struggled finding out what it takes to get ahead. Apart from being good at what I do, I was clueless in terms of being presentable and my dressing. I couldn't decide if I needed to ... Read More...
zimbabwe girls empowering

Why we need to start empowering girls

A number of African cultures traditionally sideline girls leaving few opportunities for us to talk about the prevention of abuse. While some African governments have introduced laws aimed at protecting girls, protection alone is insufficient. We need... Read More...
Neo Cheda

Neo Cheda

Neo Cheda enjoys writing, shopping and discussing the latest trends with good company. When Neo is not travelling, she's exploring different eateries in her city, Johannesburg. Neo is passionate about contributing to the professional development of young women.