How to create your 2018 ‘self-worth’ checklist

Constantly, we find ourselves questioning our self-worth. It is so easy to slip into unhappiness and self-doubt.

In 2018 we want our Motherland Moguls to walk around feeling fly and unstoppable because there is a direct relationship between self-worth and living up to one’s full potential. We do not want you to feel any less of yourself.

Rock 2018 by your standards

So, take a look at the year 2018 self-worth checklist:

Do what you like and like what you do

I like the fact that I am no longer where I used to be, but I have loved every step of the way. Recognizing that it needn’t fit into anybody’s expectation of me. Really, there is no yardstick for success.

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The point is ‘Do what you like, and like what you do’. In making a decision, career choice, a new friend, or whatever. It is a boost of self-worth when you can stand up for your choices every time, and say, I am proud of what I did.

Maintain your lane

It is so tempting to want to be like the other person, but really this is falling short of your authenticity. The real need here is staying in your lane. Bonang Matheba and Toke Makinwa are two different media queens successful in their own rights.

The right motivation is to stand out in your game, not to be like the other person. Don’t feel pressured to be like anybody; it is the easiest way to fall short of who you are and become nervous. You are highly confident in being yourself.

Get your mindset right

Self-worth is not a tangible, it is formed by a mindset. It is not in your realities first. If you settle for less in your thinking, expectations, goals, ambitions, that is you selling yourself short already. Focus on getting your mindset right.

Let affirmations do the talking

Like I said, don’t sell yourself short. Even in words. Don’t feel any less because of your realities. Keep talking the talk, and keep it optimistic, and confident. Affirmations are what we say we are because we believe it.

Set attainable goals

“You cannot coman kee your sef” – (Nigerian pidgin/slang meaning; Don’t put so much pressure on yourself). Setting overwhelming goals can make you sad when you don’t eventually meet-up with your expectations. There is a direct relationship between self-worth and achievements. It is great to set S.M.A.R.T goals.

Find a genuine cheerleader

A little journey down memory lane: In secondary school, I read this book called ‘21 types of negative friends’. It became a game-changer in my life, as it opened my eyes to the fact that friendships can diminish your self-worth.

Friends affect your self-worth. In words, in vibes, in how they treat you. As humans, we are constantly needing affirmations, support, and good vibes to make us feel great. What are you without a friend that doesn’t hand you that? You cannot be at your best.

Let your light so Shine

Letting your light so shine is a reminder that you have it. Don’t sell yourself short. You are doing this not for anyone, but for yourself. In being the light, you amaze yourself, and you keep your confidence bar high.

Don’t attach your self-worth to material things

They are called material things for a reason. Beware that your money, association, and possession can be easily lost. Think about it; If you lose it all would you feel any less? Are you thick because you are wearing such and such thing or hanging with such and such person or receiving a ton of compliments? Remember self-worth is a mindset. Even in a sack bag feel as great as when you are in a Ferrari. Don’t feel great because of material stuff.

Now that you have your self-worth checklist, you are ready to nail your 2018.

4 steps to starting the new year afresh

Happy New Year Motherland Moguls! The SLA team is cheering you as you SLAY into 2018.


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With the New Year comes a new start. A chance for you to leave the struggles and obstacles of the previous year behind and start afresh.

I have drawn out a list of action-packed steps we can all take to make the best out of 2018!

Step 1: Assess your situation

My first piece of advice would be to assess the situation you are in at the end of 2017 or the beginning of 2018 before setting New Year resolutions.

What went great? What didn’t go so well and what needed improvements? In doing so, you may realize exactly where you need improvements, or just how amazing you are at doing something. Either way, it will serve as the basis for improvement.


Step 2: Shortlist the areas in which you would like to improve

Once you have assessed the situation you can move on to your resolutions. Resolutions that are suited to you, instead of being generic ones. Throughout the process of setting these resolutions, remember that you do not have to set resolutions that begin on January 1st and end December 31st.

See your resolutions as a way to better yourself, way beyond the limits of time.

For instance, one of my resolutions is to gain more knowledge about cultures, economies, and politics. It is not a resolution I intend on giving up on as soon as the next year rolls by. Knowledge is continuous, just like every single one of our resolutions should be.

The internet and the technology available to us is vast, use it wisely and reap the benefits Click To Tweet


Step 3: Find out how you can better yourself

Once you know where you would like to better yourself, brainstorm the ways in which you can kick-start your resolutions. My first step would be to consult books in all their forms. Visit bookstores, get audio books, magazines, online magazines (don’t forget your trusty SLA)…

And then, there’s the internet. If you use the internet wisely, it can do a world of good. There is a YouTube tutorial on just about everything! Do you want to be more knowledgeable about table etiquette? Check out these tutorials.

They will actually teach you everything from making a great first impression to the do’s and don’ts at a dinner table.

If you want to get fit,  popsugar fitness is the destination, you can start with that.

Another resource would be smartphone apps. Many of them are free and work effectively. Are you looking to impress someone with your cooking skills…or just survive by feeding yourself?

Watch what happens when you type ‘cooking books recipes free’ in your play store (team Android, what’s good?). The internet and the technology available to us is vast, use it wisely and reap the benefits.

Do not aim for perfection, but rather experiences in every step you take Click To Tweet


Step 4: Take the first step!

So one thing we’re often afraid to do is take the first step. I try to remember that the first step is often the scariest and therefore the hardest, but once you’ve made that first move, the world is your oyster.

For instance, I took my first solo travel for work in 2016. Believe it or not, I had never been anywhere alone, with no one I knew. I was scared out of my mind when my mother dropped me off at O.R Tambo International airport. I literally wondered how I was going to get from one place to the next in Bamako Mali, all on my own.

But remember this: you have the capacity to do anything your heart desires and it is not the fear that lies within that has the ability to negate those capacities.

You have the capacity to do anything your heart desires Click To Tweet

And an old age adage that will forever remain true, is that “if at first, you don’t succeed, try try again”. Do not aim for perfection, but rather experiences in every step you take.

I really hope these steps will help you and contribute to an amazing 2018 for each and every one of you!

And If you have made it this far and have enjoyed the read, until next time!

Have a fabulous New Year!