Why Personal Branding Matters in 2023: Insights from Inspirational Black Women

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In a world where standing out is key, building a strong personal brand has never been more important. Let’s delve into the top four reasons why personal branding matters, drawing wisdom from influential black women who have paved the way.

“Your personal brand is a promise to your clients… a promise of quality, consistency, competency, and reliability.” – Kathy Calvin

  1. Authenticity is Your Superpower Unveil the words of Janelle Monáe: “The most powerful thing you can do is be yourself.” Among a sea of voices and personalities, authenticity sets you apart. Your personal brand is an embodiment of your unique story, values, and passions. Embrace your individuality, allowing it to radiate through your brand. Stay true to yourself, and watch as the right opportunities and connections align with your authentic self.Portrait of Janelle Monáe
  2. Your Voice Deserves to Be Heard Audre Lorde once said, “I am my best work – a series of road maps, reports, recipes, doodles, and prayers from the front lines.” Personal branding provides a platform to amplify your voice and share your expertise. Whether through writing, speaking engagements, or social media, your personal brand empowers you to impart knowledge, insights, and experiences to the world. Embrace the courage to speak your truth and create an impact with your unique perspective.Audre Lorde - Poems, Death & Facts
  3. Building Trust is Key Trust serves as the glue of life, as Oprah Winfrey aptly states. A strong personal brand nurtures trust with your audience. Consistency, transparency, and delivering value are vital in establishing trust. By consistently showing up, sharing valuable content, and engaging with your audience, you forge genuine connections that foster trust. Trust becomes the bedrock for lasting relationships, collaborations, and business opportunities.Oprah Winfrey: Biography, Talk Show Host, Philanthropist
  4. Leave a Legacy In the words of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, “The question isn’t who’s going to let me; it’s who’s going to stop me.” Personal branding enables you to create a lasting legacy. Leave a mark and make a difference in your industry or field. Establish yourself as an expert, thought leader, or influencer, inspiring others and paving the way for future generations. Your personal brand becomes a testament to your achievements and impact, extending a legacy beyond your immediate sphere of influence.The Ayaan Hirsi Ali problem: why do anti-Islam Muslims keep getting promoted as "experts"? - Vox

As you embark on your personal branding journey in 2023, draw inspiration from these influential black women. Embrace authenticity, amplify your voice, build trust, and leave a lasting legacy. Unleash your personal brand and make a remarkable impact in this new era.


Your ultimate guide to starting and ending the year strong in 2023!

It’s 2023! Whoo hoo…

It is not a year to rest on your oars, not a year to be complacent because of the level of success you have achieved so far, it is a year for doing more. There is still much work to be done no matter what your life vocation is.

This year is bringing you a new opportunity to start (if you are yet to join the moving train of achievers), and to get better at what we do for our best is yet to come.

The following steps will set you on the path of getting more done this year.


If you know what you want, you will get it easily:

Brain Tracy quote aptly puts it this way, “People with clear, written goals, accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them could ever imagine”. I will put the emphasis here on “clear”-you are very sure what it is you want to achieve, you are not indecisive, thus, when you spot an opportunity that links to what you desire, you grab it with your two hands.


You might have given yourself a pat on the back for the various feats you accomplished last year and this year you have so many ideas and you just want to execute them all at once. This might not turn out well and will slow down your productivity. It is important to balance your creativity with wisdom.

Not all your beautiful ideas will fly so focus on your competitive advantage (that which you do so well or makes you stand out).

See Success as a journey rather than a destination:

When you see success as a destination, not only will you be tempted to wait for it to happen instead of working towards its achievement, but there is also the danger of being complacent. After the achievement of one goal, there should be the desire to get another. So don’t spend all your time trying to achieve one thing.

Get it done and move on.

Stop procrastinating

Most of us are guilty of this habit. We push off what we are supposed to do now to a later time, and before you know it, it’s the year 2024.

You don’t want to wake up tomorrow and you are a 105 years old; that dream you had when you were fifteen is still in your heart unaccomplished and you will know you have not lived because you will not feel fulfilled. Start working on that dream now so you don’t have regrets tomorrow.

Be accountable:

Arese Ugwu the author of the smart money woman in the acknowledgment page of the book mentioned that Steve Harris played a huge part in helping her finish the book in time-he kept checking up on her to make sure she was committed to writing her book.

I believe if she hadn’t been accountable to him, she would not have finished the book at the time she did. There is this thing about the right time. If the book had not been published at the time it was perhaps the doors she said the book opened for her would not have happened.

Find someone you can be accountable to especially if you are not naturally self-motivated or goal-oriented.


Stay close to your inspiration:

Life is not a walk in the park so are your dreams or things you desire to achieve. You need to stay inspired to reach the finishing line. Read articles regularly here on SLA, you will find stories that will help you learn from other people’s experiences so you can navigate your world better.

Attend seminars and conferences aimed at making you improve the way you do things, watch movies that will motivate you, and surround yourself with people who can talk you up just when you need it.


Be flexible:

You don’t have to stick to one thing or one strategy if things are not working as expected. This year is for getting things done so don’t get stuck, find a new way for life is full of options. Oprah Winfrey puts it this way “Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do.”

I look forward to a greater you this year 2023!