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Fungai Nembaware: I am not your average fashion designer, I am a cultural ambassador

[bctt tweet=”Drawing on ancient Africa, Fungai Nembaware creates accessories from African fabric” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Fungai Nembaware, a mother of two boys, a five and eight-year-old started Zuwa Re in 2008. It started as a hobby and building it into a company was something that was just playing in the background. When her son was six months […]

Koena Selolo: Every woman is a queen in her kingdom

[bctt tweet=”Kgošigadi aims to create accessories that befit every queen’s beauty – Koena Selolo” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Born out of a family of only girls and being the youngest, Koena Selelo had great inspiration from all women around her yet she had to find her own voice. Koena refers to herself as a queen in her own […]

Dede Reelia Kouevi: It’s okay not to have it all & still make your vision come to life

[bctt tweet=”Dede Reelia Kouevi: I bought a Christmas ornament from a $1 store & turned it into an earring” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] When your grandparents, mother and aunts are tailors, you’re pretty much guaranteed to be a fashionista. Dede Reelia Kouevi was born in Togo to a fashion-forward family, now she’s made her mark as an accessories […]