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Five benefits of vacation work during the holiday season

So the holiday season is here, and whilst everybody is in a tizzy over year-end functions, pre Christmas plans, decorations and basically bawling over the holiday season… You or perhaps someone you know, maybe thinking well now that the semester has come to an end; what to do? Quite the temerity it must be; deciding whether to lounge around and have a jam all summer, or work towards building your portfolio to be industry ready. In as much as the season may leave many of us with a lot FOMO as a result of Instagram lifestyles, we need to stay the course in our personal journey towards achieving the goals we have set for ourselves. It is never too late to jump back onto the bandwagon! Decisions… Decisions… What to do? Christmas is generally a season where everyone is spending copious amounts of money, sometimes even to their detriment. And the social media platforms are an absolute field trip for the type of lifestyle one should be engaging in, consumerism is a monster unleashed. As a student, graduate, or a job hunter, your best bet would be to look up any vacation work that may be offered by corporations or NGO’s. This will not only aid in keeping you from spending money which you (or your parents) don’t have, but it will propel you a few steps closer to the career you want to find yourself in. What is better time there to start actualizing your dreams and aspirations than the Christmas season with all its good cheer and positive vibrations?   Benefits There are undoubtedly a plethora of benefits when it comes to taking up vacation work, however, here is a narrowed down five points to bring the thought home: 1. Vac work will aid in establishing whether the career field of choice is the right one. It is always better to know before making a long commitment to a particular trade service, whether or not it is what you want to be doing for the rest of your life. Nothing brings more clarity than having a real-time experience of a work environment to further solidify your stance. 2. Extra flow of income, if it is a paying gig. Vac work may not always have a monetary benefit if it does, however, that means Christmas spoils for yourself and some money to put towards the savings account. In the instance that it is not a paying gig; there is a lot that could be made up for that in the form of experience. It would be important in this instance to ensure that wherever you’ll be taking your vacation job, there are individuals who are open to and willing to mentor and guide you. 3. New experiences and encounters. This is self-explanatory, having a chance to experience new things generally is always a plus. At no extra cost to you, nothing brings about rejuvenation and perspective like exposure to a way of being that is different to yours. 4. Showcasing a level of responsibility to the parents. Parents want to know that their children are ready to take up adulting and the responsibilities that come with that. Nothing spells grown up more than taking charge of one’s life and journey. 5. A sense of accomplishment. Nothing brings on a booster more than a sense of achievement. No matter how small the feat or how insignificant the milestone may seem; but to you, it is a step in the right direction. You can always be proud of yourself for doing the work of being a better version of you.   You were born for this… Do you boo! You are able to do everything you set your mind to. You just ought to get up and show up in your life. It is important to hold yourself accountable for the life you want to live. It is equally important to ensure that no Christmas splurge fest formed against you shall prosper. Time to enjoy the holidays, hone your craft and Merry Christmas!