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Why review your business accounts?

[bctt tweet=”The bookkeeping records are the mirror that you look into to know how your business is performing” via=”no”] The ultimate goal of a business is to make money for the entrepreneur. On the way to attaining this goal, there are many things that you must do in your business which includes, producing the service […]

Bookkeeping for dummies

[bctt tweet=”Bookkeeping is an important skill to have when you’re starting your business” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] One thing that you quickly learn when you start your business is that you’ll have to handle every aspect of it; from marketing your products, hiring your employees and most importantly getting a handle of your accounts. It is therefore important […]

5 Types Of Accounts Every Woman Should Have Before 35

5 Types of Money Accounts Every Woman Should Have Before 35

Mo money, mo problems right? Maybe for Diddy, but definitely not for us. Definitely not in this economy and with the bills we need to pay and with the power moves we’re trying to make. More money equals more financial security for ourselves, our businesses and our families but how do we go about achieving […]