Back to school? Here are 6 ways to make the best out of your Uni years

Congratulations! You just got into university – that is an amazing milestone (and you should celebrate).

Now, it’s one of two things, you are excited about this Bachelors or Masters degree you are about to start, and it was your choice, or on the other hand, you are not so excited about this degree.

Perhaps you were forced or coerced into it, or you are just plain confused.

Here are some points that I have put together that will help you maximize your time in school beyond your degree.

Your Grades are Important

I know you were hoping I wouldn’t say this, but your grades are very important. They might not be the ‘be all and end all’ of your career, but good grades can be very crucial to helping you land your first job or helping you get your foot in the door.

So, attend classes, be diligent with your assignments and study! Learn about the grading styles of your professors and lecturers, learn from your seniors, ask questions and do well academically.

Your grades are not everything

I know you think I just contradicted myself, but grades are not everything. Your abilities to apply knowledge and add value to everything you do are far more important than the numbers that make up your grade point average.

As much as it is good to well in school, you need to gain skills that will help you stand out from the crowd and can give you an edge even above people with higher grades. The best ways to do this are to gain practical experience; you can do this by volunteering for causes, events, leadership roles, etc.    

Opportunities Abound

Be alert: University is the land of opportunities – whether they are opportunities to learn, get scholarships, earn, fellowships and so on.

Ensure that you have your ears to the ground and are aware of the opportunities around campus that you are eligible for. Apply for as many as you can – it never hurts to try.

Joining associations are very helpful for this, most student associations receive firsthand information about campus opportunities and share them with their members.   

Pursue your Passions:

I mean this with all sincerity, pursue your passions. If you have a flair for fashion, beauty, technology, writing, art, media. University is an amazing launchpad. As a student, people are more likely to be helpful and to want to mentor you. Organizations usually run campus ambassadorship programs or have student groups, as much as is in your power, join these groups.


I know it is cliché, but you have probably heard the saying – your network is your net worth. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but it is very true. In school, you will meet tons of people both on and off campus that can shape the course of your life, personally and professionally.

Try to attend events beyond class, join clubs, associations and societies, volunteer and put in your best so that you can stand out.

Your friends, classmates, lecturers might be the greatest source of opportunities for you while in school and even beyond.    

Have fun, but stay out of trouble

Don’t forget to have fun, whatever fun means to you that is legal and safe. But as much as is in your power, STAY OUT OF TROUBLE. Know about the rules/laws that apply in your school and your location and act accordingly.

University is a great place that can serve as a launchpad to the fulfillment of your dreams. So make friends, study, put yourself out there, and do great things! I’m rooting for you.

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8 Great Ways For Bosses To Treat Employees Better

Everyone wants to be treated well. This is most especially at work – all employers want to have great treatment from their bosses. Nobody wants to be treated as though they are not human. Toxic environments as a result of disorganized hierarchies and office politics make it hard for employees to be productive. 

Therefore, to ensure your employees don’t quite faster than you hired them, you need to make sure that you treat them well. Here are 8 great ways to treat your employees better and make them feel dignified. 

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1. Hire and fire employees on attitude, not ability

We all know that there is no remedy for a bad attitude. No matter how much you invest in training people to change their attitude, it will most likely not happen.

What is worse, is that a bad attitude is contagious. Though it will start with one person, a bad attitude will soon spread throughout your company.

To ensure your company culture remains positive, you start at the beginning. This means hiring people who have great, hardworking and positive attitudes that will bring positive vibes.

2. Treat them as if they are better than you

No one is an island of knowledge. We all learn new things from babies, toddlers, little children, beggars and even from animals! With each new person you meet or each new experience, you get an opportunity to learn something new.

So, treat your employees with the same curiosity and respect that you had towards your teachers. Even if they criticize you, do not be defensive and wield your ‘super boss power’.

Take a step back and really listen to their feedback. If an employee is brave enough to speak up, its because they care about you and your business.

3. Discourage gossip about anyone

Though gossip may start with one person, it can become very dangerous. The first thing is when you spread gossip, the person you are talking to may begin to have a negative perception of your personality.

Once they develop this perception, it may be very hard for them to trust you again with information.

Therefore, to ensure that your employees are the most productive, try to discourage a spirit of gossip in the company. Instead of discussing people’s weaknesses behind their backs, train your employees to have open and safe feedback sessions.

4. Show them what it means to establish a business

How do you do this? Expose your employees to the tough decisions, choices, and situations they need to experience to start their own businesses. Give them a sense of ownership and responsibility.

Guide them to see the importance of adding value to their work and the people around them. Be a source of inspiration and role model for them to look up to. While they might leave you eventually, they will always look back and appreciate you for all you’ve taught and done for them. 

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5. Surprise them

Who doesn’t like surprises? Please treat your employees like you would please a client. Surprises can range from monetary gifts to even offering afternoon offs. As they say, it is the thought and effort that matters when it comes to surprises.

Remember, your employees are there to not only increase your wealth but to also help you build on your dreams. Therefore, it is important to show them appreciation and ultimately support them on their journey’s to becoming successful.

6. Teach them how to sell

Your employees need to know how to market products or services even if they’re introverts and aren’t too keen on talking to potential clients. Introverts are most times deemed as trustworthy and professionals by clients/ therefore, bring them to your meetings.

You’ll be amazed at how they listen best and ask more questions. All these are qualities to look out for in the best salespeople.

7. Show them respect

If there is another thing that everyone wants, is to be treated with respect. Respect not only makes employees happy, but it also helps you avoid unnecessary disrespect. Treating your employees with respect begins with common courtesy, politeness, and kindness.

It then progresses towards encouraging them to express their opinions and ideas. While doing so, they should not feel underestimated or insulted because of what they say. Building on this, you can even use and credit these opinions and ideas expressed.

It is also important to be equal and fair in the treatment of your employees. Though they may fail sometimes, do not constantly criticize everything they do. Instead, try and give everyone an equal opportunity to express their ideas irrespective of their characteristics.

8. Picture every employee calling their mother at night

When we were little, our mothers used to ask us how our days were at night. Now imagine if your employees would be called by their mothers and asked: “how was your day at work?” You would, of course, want them to give a genuinely positive response. 

Try to make sure that every day you positively challenge and strengthen your employees. If you treat your employees well, then you can rest knowing their mothers are wishing you well.

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