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4 Ways To Become A Financially Literate Mogul In 2021

Every two to four business days, I come across very questionable advice on how to be “financially literate” on the interwebs. I almost want to ask the person giving the “advice” if they believe what they are saying or if it is just vibes.  See, not everyone is giving you advice is they have fact-checked, […]

Here’s how to switch up your money management style!

[adrotate banner=”4″] [bctt tweet=”Much of our anxiety stems from the fact that we just don’t know what’s going on with our money” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Have you ever interrogated your feelings about money? How would you define your relationship with money management; comfortable, in control, dysfunctional? Even with solid financial advice, some people still feel a level […]

How to monitor a budget to inform business decisions

[bctt tweet=”Budgets play a key role in the day to day decisions, here are 4 scenarios” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] The budget is not only important for future decision making but for day to day decisions as well. To be able to use it this way, you must monitor it frequently by comparing your actual income and expenses […]

The 3 C’s of the budget cycle

[bctt tweet=”Before you create a budget for your business, you need to know what the budget cycle is” via=”no”] You are probably asking yourself what this thing called the ‘’budget cycle’’ is. You have heard about the budget and how it works but you are less likely to have heard about the budget cycle. The […]

Take charge of your finances with this budget template

[bctt tweet=”Budgeting is not difficult, but sticking to the budget is where discipline comes in” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Most young women in their 20s and early 30s dream about quitting their jobs and starting their dream businesses. But if you ask them how they manage their salary, you will be met with “uuumms” and “eeers”. How will […]

‘Why should start-ups care about the budget?’ – Top 3 budget myths debunked

[bctt tweet=”Time to bust some myths around budgets for business with @StanChart” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Here at SLA, budgeting is not a new concept. I am sure by now we know why we need to set up a personal budget and how to go about it. However, how many of you #MotherlandMoguls spend time budgeting for your […]

Budget Like A Pro This Holiday Season

Don’t want to start the New Year with no money? It is the holiday season and if you’re like us, you’re very excited to buy your friends and loved ones great gifts and go to the best hangouts. And it doesn’t just stop there, you may also be planning a vacation for yourself. You know […]

Making #MotherlandMoguls money savvy: The big bad B-word of personal finance

shehive lagos she leads africa budgeting

[bctt tweet=”Smart budgeting is how you get rid of the guilty feelings that come from spending” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] “Budgeting is fun!” Said no one ever…oh wait; that’s actually  what renowned Personal Financial Management Guru Bob Lotich says. The first time I read that I laughed myself silly and with good reason. However, the more I read […]

The one basic lesson to teach your kids about financial responsibility

shehive accra financial responsiblity she leads africa

Don’t you just wish you had been taught about financial responsibility when you were much younger? In our rapidly changing world, it has never become more imperative to teach our children the need for handling money well. In fact, it’s such an important skill that it will guide their decisions well into adulthood. If you’re […]