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19 Businesses (And Side Hustles) to Start During the COVID-19 Quarantine.

Want some business ideas to make some money or extra income during the COVID-19 quarantine? How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected you? Across the world, normal life as we know it is changing. In mild cases, some of us have had to adjust how we work, and in extreme cases, some of us find ourselves […]

Career hacks from 4 Motherland Moguls for 2020 motivation.

As Motherland Moguls living in the new millennia, we have a diverse group of women in leadership to get inspiration from. Here are lessons from 4 African women who have #slayed the past decade to help you to reach your Vision 2020 goals. 1. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Get your receipts ??‍♀️ Chimamanda’s success in the […]

9 Business Lessons from My First Year of Business

Like many people, I was faced with the dilemma of deciding whether or not I needed to attend business school to start my business as I had no experience. However, I finally decided to be brave and start my business without any experience. In my one year since starting, I have learned the following lessons. […]

5 Marketing Tips from Business Guru P.Diddy

Sean “Puffy/Puff Daddy/ Diddy/Brother Love” Combs is one of the greatest marketing geniuses on earth. He has remained relevant and dominant to hip-hop music, culture, fashion, business and entertainment over the past 20 years. Last year, Sean was also recognized as one of the Forbes 100 Greatest Living Minds. He is also often considered one […]

The four biggest life and business lessons I learned in 2017

A new year gives us an opportunity to reflect on the past and take note of our learning points. As I carried out my reflections, here are the four most important life and business lessons I noted down: 1. Whatever you need to do, especially with regards to your life goal and purpose – START […]

Lessons from Chenesai: How to be authentic organic entrepreneur


[bctt tweet=”Entrepreneurship is not just an activity, it is a lifestyle committed to the development of the dream” via=”no”] Being a successful female entrepreneur in Africa’s current economic and cultural context is an arduous journey. Calling organic entrepreneurship impossible Despite being a marginalised group, women entrepreneurs in Africa have great potential to positively impact the […]

7 effective strategies to start any organisation: Lessons from Julie Nixon

[bctt tweet=”You have to prepare a plan to execute your business solutions. An idea will remain that until it’s put into action” via=”no”] Julie Nixon was educated in the United Kingdom before immigrating to South Africa in the late 1980’s. After undergoing extensive Retail Management courses with a leading retail chain, Julie utilised her broad […]

Personal branding takeaways from Adenike Oyetunde

[bctt tweet=”We share lessons from Adenike Oyetunde’s successful personal brand story, which is inspiring audiences.” via=”no”] Personal branding expert, and Forbes contributor Glenn Llopis says; “A personal brand is the total experience of someone having a relationship with who you are and what you represent as an individual”. The boom of social media has also […]

What’s proof of concept and why you should know it

[bctt tweet=”Test a business idea before scaling up your business with this simple concept” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] There’s a huge risk attached to every new business. We’re talking the loss of lots of money. That’s why it is important to test a business idea before scaling up the business. Simply prove a business idea works and is […]

8 markings of a strong #MotherlandMogul, as told by Mary J. Blige

[bctt tweet=”Does Mary J Blige teach us that strong business women remain authentic? Find out how here” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] I have been a fan of Mary J. Blige since my childhood in the early 90s and have taken great inspiration from watching the way that she has blazed trails, set trends and overcome adversity, both in her career and personal life, from then even up till now. This, in addition […]