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Video: “I saved money from my wedding to start my business” – Samiah Oyekan Ahmed

 After attending SLA’s Lafiya Lifestyle Expo where she shared her knowledge on work-life balance, SLA had a tête-à-tête with Samiah Oyekan Ahmed at her store in Abuja. She also highlighted some challenges she faced when she decided to switch careers.  “As an only daughter to two medical doctors, deciding to become a full-blown businesswoman wasn’t well received especially by my dad who had great succession plans for me”, said Samiah.  Beyond all the challenges of starting a business in Nigeria, getting funding to start is usually the hardest, but Samiah was smart with her money, and she found a way to cheat that particular struggle.  “I saved money from my wedding planning and used it to start”, she says.  Samiah went ahead to give her two top advice for intending entrepreneurs. Watch the video here:  Samiah Oyekan-Ahmed is the Founder of The Gift Source & Fusion Lifestyle. She is a Medical doctor turned entrepreneur, who currently runs two companies, Fusion Lifestyle Ltd, and The Gift Source.  She is super passionate about hers and other’s entrepreneurial journeys, as well as sharing knowledge. Samiah is a wife and mother of 2 kids as well as a published fiction author.  If you’d like to get featured on our Facebook page, click here to share your startup story with us.