She Means Business 2019

She Means Business is back for the 2nd year in a row! And we are super excited and pumped because this year, we are doing it bigger and better!

Wondering what we’re on about?

#SheMeansBusiness is a FREE Digital Marketing training offered in partnership with Facebook. This training will teach you how to utilize digital resources to help you take your business online and compete in a global marketplace.

So what are we doing differently this year? In addition to training our boss ladies (female entrepreneurs), we will be bringing the training to some campuses all around Nigeria!

University Tour

The She Means Business training will kick off with the campus tour starting from The University of Lagos on Thursday May 16th!

What To Expect…

  • High-level digital marketing and business strategy skills training to get your current side hustle to the next level.
  • Energetic training from our seasoned trainers to get you thinking about launching your business while in school.
  • A day to hang out and network with your fellow schoolmates and the SLA Team
  • A chance to win some Facebook swag souvenirs
  • Light lunch
  • A certificate of attendance distributed post training… and so much more!

Check out the FULL schedule of the #SMBCampusTour & the list of Universities we’ll be visiting…

Thu, May 16University of Lagos
Sat, May 18Obafemi Awolowo University
Mon, May 20University of Ilorin
Wed, May 22University of Port Harcourt
Thu, May 23University of Nigeria
Sat, May 25University of Abuja
Mon, May 27Kaduna State University
Tue, May 28
Ahmadu Bello University
Thu, May 30University of Ibadan

Spot your Uni above? CLICK HERE to sign up.

The training is completely FREE but you must sign up to secure a spot!

Entrepreneurship Trainings

Motherland Moguls get in here! We’re kicking off our nationwide entrepreneur trainings in Lagos on Jun 1st.

What To Expect…

  • Learn new ways to use Facebook tools to either start that dream business or take your current business to the next level
  • A breakdown of online marketing, content creation, social media hacks for business and much more!
  • Your fav business moguls and guest speakers sharing their journey to building their existing businesses using these tools
  • A day to hang out and network with fellow boss ladies
  • A chance to win some Facebook swag souvenirs
  • A certificate of attendance distributed post training… and so much more!

Check out the FULL schedule for the #SMBEntrepreneur & the dates we’ll be in your city…

  • Abuja – Jun 14, Jun 15, Jul 4, Jul 27
  • Abeokuta- Jun 29, Jul 26
  • Benin – Jul 6, Jul 27
  • Calabar – Jun 21, Jun 22, Jul 24
  • Enugu – Jun 19, Jun 21, Jul 5, Jul 13
  • Ibadan – Jun 27, Jun 28, Jul 19
  • Jos – Jul 13
  • Kaduna – Jun 29, Jul 19
  • Kano – Jul 6
  • Katsina – Jul 20
  • Lagos – Jun 1, Jun 17, Jul 11, Jul 27
  • Port Harcourt – Jun 7, Jun 8, Jul 17

CLICK HERE to sign up to save your spot.

** Please note that dates on the sign-up form will include later dates as we cross cities off our list.

The training is completely FREE but you must sign up to be admitted! Make sure you sign up today so you do not miss out on this opportunity!


What are the venues for the training?

You will receive a reminder email the week before your selected training date asking you to RSVP to confirm your spot. The first 150 people to RSVP will receive an email with details including location, time and what to bring.

What if I am not one of the first 150 people to RSVP for training?

If you are not one of the first 150 people to RSVP, we will ask you to please re-register for another available date. We are doing our best to accommodate absolutely everyone who wants to participate, but due to high demand, spaces on a first come first serve basis.

What time will the training start?

Training will take place from 9:00am-5: 00 pm.

Why can’t I see previously listed dates for my city?

While we’re doing the best we can to accommodate everyone who would like to participate, unfortunately, spaces at each training are limited and sign-ups are therefore first come first serve. The dates you see on the form above are those that still have space.

Will there be more dates added to the registration form?

We will inform you if that happens. Watch your mailbox and keep checking back.

How much is training?

Training is FREE!

Is there anything given to me as proof that I attended the training?

Yes, you will receive a certificate of attendance after you’ve completed the participant survey post training.

***If your question is not answered above, please email

How to build a Strong Foundation for your Business

You have made up your mind that your business is kicking off or you have been in business but you know there are a few things you need to put in place so your business can be well positioned for success now and in the long term.

Here are a few tips on how you can build that foundation that will produce the desired result of a flourishing business enterprise.



Your business is an extension of you, how far you go, and how well you do is dependent on what you’ve got inside of you.

To be successful, you have to constantly commit to more learning in your area of business and in your own education. You must know that there is no end to learning and knowledge or you might wake up one day and find out that the rest of the world has left you behind.

To compete effectively in the world of business, you have to keep tab with ongoing developments and strategies in the marketplace and anyone who doesn’t have the knack for learning will be unable to succeed or stand out.



At first, when you start out, you might need to do everything by yourself. From setting up shop to marketing, keeping the books, taking inventory, hiring staff etc.

But as the business begins to grow do not be tempted not to hire the experts that will make the whole process more effective thus enabling the business to succeed even more.


Small businesses always have a high turnover of staff because employees never enter into the company with long-term career goals in mind partly due to the fact that the remuneration might just be something to get by, or their employers just uses them to get the job done without factoring into the whole process their needs and long-term goals.

Some employers even overwork their employees and sometimes do not pay them for months!

If this describes how your business operates, there is every likelihood that your business will not run effectively and will not thrive in the long run because you will continually lose the best hands.



A healthy separation of personal funds from business funds will indicate that you run your business in a professional manner and thus translate into the credibility of your business in the eyes of your customers.

In addition, if it becomes necessary for you to obtain a loan from the bank, it will be easy for you to succeed with separated accounts than when they are mixed up.



It is very important that you set your credit policy upfront before selling to a buyer who wants credit.

Many businesses sell on credit to generate more sales and to have more customers but there are associated risks. If for any reason the buyer is unable to pay you, you stand to lose both your capital and profit.

In the case where most of your customers are credit buyers, how will you be able to restock when customers with cash are at your doorstep? So be wise by setting up a good credit policy.



Relationships are key to any human endeavor. Your business will not run in a vacuum, you need people to make it a success.

Thus it makes reasonable sense for you to initiate, build, and keep relationships with people who will enable you and your business succeed.

Got a business advice for us? Share your advice with us here.