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Eva Tito Biyela: Separate yourself form the negativity that life brings

Eva Tito Biyela, is a business woman who has created over 10 businesses since she was in her youth. Eva runs a travel agency, IT and electric business. She also runs businesses in the hospitality industry. In addition to that, Eva is known for her philanthropy work. She has been involved in charity work for […]

Growing and marketing your brand via social media – The tale of 5 #MotherlandMoguls

[bctt tweet=”When used right, digital media can be harnessed to make a direct impact in the society” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] It is not often that one catches five aspiring women in the same spot. Well, maybe it’s often, but what are the chances of finding them engaged in a fashion project to raise awareness and funds for […]

Faith Uwantege: I had a burning desire to help street children

[bctt tweet=”Faith Uwantege: If I didn’t have a big heart, I would probably have given up” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Faith Uwantege set up Faith Foundation to answer the issue of Rwandan children and women living below the poverty line. To realise her dream, she saved up while working her 9-5, all while knowing that when she quit, […]

Didintle Moatshe: The teenager bringing hope to her community

Didintle Moatshe

[bctt tweet=”Didintle Moatshe: The motive behind my project is the situations I have been through” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] The fact that Didintle Moatshe is a teenager doesn’t stop her from working hard to make a change in her community. Together with her partner Kgotso Makgalema, Didintle is trying to save girls in their communities. Both Didintle and […]

Keoratile Ngobeni: I wasn’t going to waste a year of my life doing nothing

Keoratile Ngobeni

[bctt tweet=”Keoratile Ngobeni: I started Queen Mentality after I was forced to take a gap year ” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Who says you’re too young to be a philanthropist? That person should meet Keoratile Ngobeni, a 20 year old feminist and philanthropist from Mabopane, South Africa. Driven by her passion to empower women and develop youth, Keoratile […]