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Wennovation Hub: Empowering African Entrepreneurs by solving socio-economic challenges

  Wennovation Hub is the pioneer innovation accelerator in Nigeria since 2011, with offices in Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja and recently Kaduna. It was co-founded by the dynamic quartet of Wole Odetayo, Michael Oluwagbemi, Idris Ayo Bello and Dami Agboola; four young Nigerians who believe in the power of technology innovation and youth entrepreneurship for the economic emancipation of Africa. The vision of the hub is to achieve sustainable development in Africa by fostering innovation among the youth population. They also focus on social impact sectors including Agriculture, Healthcare, Education, Clean Energy and Social Infrastructure. Wennovation Hub emphasizes the need to inspire and empower entrepreneurs to solve socio-economic challenges in their communities by leveraging technology resources and networking. Up till date, they have supported over 300 startup teams and well over 6000 youths physically with as much as $2.5 m. The money was raised by startups within their network and over $66M raised as follow-on funding by startups within the founders’ network. As Nigeria’s first privately run incubator/accelerator, Wennovation Hub has incubated more than 60 teams. They have seeded over a dozen companies and directly impacted more than 300 high impact entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs . They collaborate with these entrepreneurs to build commercially viable businesses that have high impact solutions to some of the most resilient challenges in different communities across Africa. “Our efforts have been recognized by World Bank – Infodev by sponsoring Lagos Angel Network which we convened in 2013, McKinsey who mentioned Wennovation Hub severally in their “Lions Go Digital” 2013 report, Ashoka Global Institute and SAP by giving Wennovation Hub a “Changemaker – Power of Small” Award in 2012 amongst many others”. [bctt tweet=”@wennovation Hub emphasizes on social impact, job creation and the importance of youth capacity development in all programmes” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] “Today, our active portfolio companies account for tens of direct jobs and over $150k in sales annually. Wennovation Hub, as a leading accelerator, in achieving impact has forged strategic partnerships across the global entrepreneurship ecosystem with the likes of CTA Netherlands, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Spring University Canada, Village Capital Atlanta, Kick Incubator USA, Covenant University, Tony Elumelu Foundation, USAID, Obafemi Awolowo University, Total Nigeria Plc, PIND, FMARD, IITA, MIT, AfriLabs, MIIS, University of Ibadan – Centre for Entrepreneurship Institute, University of Lagos, and a host of others in our partnership portfolio”. The hub also supports startups operating in any sector with particular emphasis on those that leverage technology due to the huge potential for scale and growth. Their dedication to innovation and tech-enabled entrepreneurship is in line with our strategic goal of being positioned as Africa’s Topmost Technology Startup Accelerator promoting innovative ideas, building high-impact entrepreneurs and nurturing top businesses in the process. The Co-Working Spaces in Mokola Ibadan, Ikeja Lagos, and Jabi Abuja are open to all entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, start-up/business owners, innovators, inventors, freelancers, creative entrepreneurs and techies/tech-preneurs.   Registration at Wennovation Hub provides the following opportunities: A beautiful and serene workspace environment Access to internet facilities and uninterrupted power supply Access to our various training programs that improve technical skills for tech-preneurs, Business skills development programs for entrepreneurs and growth acceleration programs. Opportunities to access numerous funding opportunities and connect with potential business investors/consultants. Free invitations to our various social and networking events Opportunity to interact and network with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs for personal and professional growth. [bctt tweet=”Through collaboration, we can leverage technology innovation to solve major socio-economic challenges – @wennovation ” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] We are proud to be a pioneering force in the Ecosystem pushing the frontiers of Technology Innovation and supporting Entrepreneurship across the continent – inspiring, creating and promoting innovative and sustainable solutions to the socio-economic challenges of Africa. This is Wennovation! Our Focus Areas Ibadan Hub – Ecosystem Development Programs – Entrepreneurship Development Program Fully Serviced Co-Working Space Lagos Hub – Proto Lab and MakerSpace – Markers Ecosystem Engagement Market Acceleration and Rapid Prototyping Lab Abuja Hub – Public Sector Incubation Programmes – Public Sector Policy Advisory and Consulting Public Sector Engagement Programmes At Wennovation, OUR MISSION To inspire and empower African Entrepreneurs to solve their immediate socio-economic challenges by leveraging technology, resources, and network collaboratively. OUR VISION To achieve sustainable development in Africa by fostering innovation among the youth population.  Sponsored Post.

More Women are embracing Co-working in Nigeria

The way in which we work and do business has changed enormously over the years, pushing further the entrepreneurial narrative. Today, we have a lot more flexibility and freedom to work remotely, without coming to the office, or operating a home-based business, or making use of convenient locations. More and more women in Nigeria are entering the business world, and many more are being encouraged to do so. The inspirational stories of women breaking the frontiers from all over Africa and the world at large have motivated more women to venture into the male-dominated business world. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the BBC in a recent study said Nigeria has the highest number of female entrepreneurs in the world, this clearly shows how entrepreneurial Nigerian women are and how they keep pushing the envelope in different sectors of the economy. These women are rising up to the challenge and have fully embraced the concept of Coworking. Currently, all over the world, there are over 4000 Coworking spaces and about 20 female-centered spaces. In Nigeria, there are over 100 coworking spaces spread across the country with the majority in Lagos. WHAT IS COWORKING? Coworking refers to people working in shared office spaces and has been referred to as the future of work. With more and more women getting actively engaged, they are taking advantage of serviced office spaces as against the traditional rent. Venia Hub is one, the first coworking space in Nigeria. Venia has since opened its doors to budding female entrepreneurs. It is currently housing many female-owned owned businesses and lots of virtual and creative freelancers. Venia’s sister company; The iLx Center is a training facility which has seen women come in to be empowered by organizations and individuals. There has been a lot of female facilitators and trainers booking the training center to empower both women and the public in general. Women based organizations like the SLA digital marketers training and lots more have been held at The iLx Center. The Center provides first class services such as uninterrupted power supply, fast internet, and generally optimized environment to fit whatever occasion that may be required of the space and ease of location. While the benefits of Coworking might seem obvious already, here are some more specific benefits working from a coworking space such as Venia does for you and your business, whether big or small. 5 BENEFITS OF COWORKING   1. It’s Affordable Co-working spaces are affordable and startup friendly, they offer way cheaper rent rates as against the traditional rent and running cost for offices. From power, cleaning, security, to other needed facilities and infrastructure needed to run business seamlessly, all these can take a toll on business especially SME’s. Coworking with its service nature caters for all of that by spreading the cost with other co-workers The running cost is spread across the board so the effect is not felt by one alone. This way you work from a secured space with great ambiance, your mails are handled and your visitors properly entertained. 2. It’s Structured There’s no doubt the amount of distraction that comes from working from home. The truth remains that there are multiple things that can become distractions, affecting output and productivity. The coworking environment gives the structure needed to get actual work done. You get a heightened focus and higher discipline to achieve tasks with very minimal distractions.  3. Increased Productivity  There is an energy that emanates from interacting with like minds and coworking offers just that; the opportunity to network with people doing great work, share/ bounce ideas off each other and even skills rent. Coworking serves as a hub for highly creative people whose skills can be temporarily hired, promoting an exchange of skills and knowledge. Working from a hub surrounded by other industry players keeps you on your toes. You’ll also find yourself constantly informed about the happenings in your industry. There is a supply of all the information you need to energize and achieve more while ticking things off your list and hitting your business goals. 4. Collaboration Collaboration is the new competition, and coworking is synonymous to collaboration. The concept of working in a shared space and amongst similar minds enables avenue for networking and collaboration for greater impact. Examples of collaboration that changed the world. 5. Flexibility: Coworking offers flexibility, depending on available funds, a lifestyle that might involve traveling and move from one location to another. Venia, offer plans that range from daily, weekly, monthly and even weekends to accommodate different work plans. It also provides options of working from different locations on one subscription. For days when you don’t want to go through traffic, or you seem to have meetings in a different location, Coworking affords you the options for flexibility. With all of these incredible benefits that coworking offers, it is apparent that women; motherland moguls take advantage of coworking to boost their productivity, business, and brand. It is encouraging that women continue to set and raise the bar, pursuing their dreams and embracing their full potential, choosing to orchestra their lives and be part of the future, we are here to propel them on.  This article was written by Joy Kika for ILX.  Sponsored Post.