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How to balance multiple jobs

[bctt tweet=”Be honest with yourself and what you can and can’t handle” via=”no”] These days, side hustles are the new hobbies and working more than one job is pretty much expected. Between paying off student loans and getting the rent check in on time, it’s no wonder more working class people leave their 9-5’s and […]

Laying the foundations of your business while holding down your day job

[bctt tweet=”This been the hardest undertaking of our lives thus far, but also the most rewarding ” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] In August 2016, my friend and I took the plunge and decided to launch our very own social enterprise. Born out of many long conversations and brainstorming sessions, we finally settled on creating an organization that could […]

SLA’s Career Strategy Guide

career strategy guide

Heard about a career strategy but not sure how to go about it? We’ve talked about this before. How can  you not have a career strategy? SLA contributor Tamaan Wilkinson, schooled us on the importance of having a career strategy. You need to know off heart the steps that you’ll be taking to become the […]

Holding on to your business, your day job and your sanity

your business your day job and your sanity

Itching to be an entrepreneur but not ready to give up your day job? Lots of people begin their businesses as a side hustle. It definitely makes sense. When you first start your venture might not be the time to leave your full time job. Or you are still learning from and enjoying your day […]