How to rise above disappointments like a boss

There is this weakness that comes with disappointments or failure. One cannot really tell if it’s that kind of ‘general body weakness’ or something that goes beyond that. Something inexplicable.

That kind of feeling that makes one feel static, with little or no zeal to move forward. No doubt failure is often accompanied by disappointments and a lot of pain, which leads to unfulfillment or even depression.

Here are some ways to deal with and rise above these situations

Never Give Failure Power Over You!

It’s important for us to note that failure only has as much power as we give it. No! This is not saying you should immediately be filled with joy, slot in your best song and start dancing like nothing happened. (Well, you can do this if it works for you)

However, the point here is, the day we determine to deal with those failures and move on, is the day we actually move on.

Dealing with failure entails dealing with the dark clouds of disappointments, and the pain that comes with it.

Until this is done, every other thing will seem stagnant, as one may not have the drive to move on to the next phase of life.

Life is a Teacher! Take Notes

We see books on ‘Secrets To Success’ here and there, but I think there should also be books on ‘Secrets To Failure’.

This is not to guide one ‘into failure’ but ‘across it’. Knowing the bumps, as well as dos and donts of getting across where true success lies.

When we know the secret to failure in a particular field, it will be easier to either avoid or overcome it. For now, life remains the one school that teaches all, with no exception to failure.

This is the reason, moving on doesn’t just require leaving a particularly rough phase without taking anything along. Most failures leave us with nothing but lessons.

Whether these lessons are positive or negative doesn’t matter. What matters is for one to take note of these pitfalls, in preparation for the next phase of life.

Learn To Move On!

There is never a time life would take a pause because of one’s disappointments. So, the greatest evil we can do to ourselves after experiencing failure is to hold on too tight to it, that life leaves us behind.

Yes, bring it out! Pour out the emotions even if it means letting the tears escape your eyes, but after all these, move on! Even if you have to start inch by inch.

Change Your Narrative Now

Life happens, but how often do we happen too, after a particular setback in our relationships, businesses, careers or just our overall private life.

Often times what we do when life happens negatively is sit in the pain, perhaps in the midst of sympathizers and wait for things to keep happening to us, as it pleases.

The table can be turned around when you join the league of people who change their narratives. They may fall at some point, but they choose the better option of rising again.

They take their lives in their own hand with a sense of purpose.
They do not remain ‘nouns’ in a world that is a ‘verb’ itself. They move!

Success has no tribe, race or gender. Ironically, failure is even one of the major factor binding the history of most winners all over the world today.

When you fall, there are two choices- either you sit on the ground (till a good Samaritan come to pick you up) or rise and move on.

Moving on doesn’t mean one won’t feel the pain or shame of falling.

Moving on only indicates you’re in control of life, rather than life being in control of you, and this will definitely facilitate reaching your intended desired result.

Start happening! Stop waiting for things to happen. Change your narrative and live again!

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5 ways to move on from Disappointments and Failures

The reality of life is that things don’t always work out the way we would like and expect.

We might find ourselves in a job that wasn’t what we hoped for. The business we invest in might not take off. The relationship we form could come to an end.

We are met with disappointments and failures that come in many different forms. When this happens, we can easily sink into despair, depression or self-pity.

However, there are better ways to deal with failures that will not leave you broken.

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1. Accept that things don’t always work out the way you hope

The truth is that no matter how much we can plan, prepare and invest, life is still always unpredictable.

The things we aim for might not go according to plan and that’s okay. This happens to everyone. No one is immune to having been disappointed in life.

That’s why you have to be okay with the fact that these things happen. Sometimes, you might fail at your pursuits. Accepting that this is a normal part of life is what will help you to move on because you’ll know that you can still be okay.

2. Consider what you can learn from the failed situation/endeavor

Another way to help you deal with failures and disappointments is to evaluate what the experience has taught you. In every situation, there is always something to learn and gain even though it doesn’t work out. So if you find yourself in a predicament that wasn’t what you wanted, ask yourself what you know now that you didn’t know before?

Considering what you can learn from a situation is beneficial because it gives you a better outlook on life. It gives you a mindset that is seeking personal growth.

That way, you don’t see yourself as a failure because something doesn’t work out. Rather, you access what went wrong, what you learned and how you can use that moving forward.

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3. Reach out to others and learn from their experiences

When we face difficulties and challenges that deter us from vision, we can feel embarrassed and ashamed. It can be easy to want to keep things to yourself and wallow in self-pity.

However, it is better to reach out to others. It’s great to seek advice and mentorship from others who are doing what you aspire to do. When you seek advice from others, you learn from their experiences.


You can also take comfort when they share their struggles and failures. You’ll know that you are not alone in having gone through disappointments. It’s always good to reach out to others. Reach out to people you value, admire and trust.

By sharing your story with them, you might gain encouragement and inspiration to do something new, different or simply, starting again.

4. Have an open mindset to enable you to try something different and new

Our mindset has a great impact on how we function in life. When things don’t work out the way we plan, we can become closed off. We give up on ourselves and our lives.

We become passive and refuse to try something else because we might be afraid of failing again. If you have this sort of mindset to life, you won’t be able to move on. It’s important to be able to move on. One of my favorite quotes from the late Maya Angelou states that ‘we might encounter many defeats but we must never be defeated.”

Though life might kick us down, we have to be able to have a resilient and open mindset to look to other avenues and platforms for where to try again. To try a different strategy. To try a different approach. To look for something that might work better.

The renowned author for the widely popular Harry Potter series: J.K. Rowling often shares her struggles and failures when she speaks.

She says that she sent out her work to several publishers before it was accepted. She faced many rejections. But she still kept sending her work out and the rest is history.

Watch Here:

If you tell yourself that a failure has defeated you, you could be denying yourself of opportunities that are still out there. You have to be willing to keep your feet moving. There is more on the horizon.

Tell yourself that the failure could later lead to a success story.

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