Eleanor Limunga Anteiro: Turning my passion for the kitchen into a business

Eleanor Limunga Anteiro: I love my kitchen and I have never wanted to work in an office Click To Tweet

Meet one savvy woman entrepreneur who has turned her passion for the kitchen into a business through the perfect blend of hard work, creativity and talent. In Cameroon, Eleanor Limunga Antiero is making a name for herself in the area of baking, cake decoration and pastries for weddings, birthdays, baptisms and corporate events. Eleanor proves that cooking can be as lucrative as any “white collar job”.

She discovered her love for baking and cake design during one of her recent visits to a Nigerian cake shop where she was attracted by aesthetic presentation of the goods. She decided to enrol in their training program and has since launched her cake and pastries business which has gained grounds into hearts of many clients and corporate institutions in Cameroon

SLA contributing writer Marriane Enow Tabi asked her how she turned her passion into a business which has won many hearts and pulled many customers in the country and what her advice would be to other young ladies who wish to take up the lead but are scared of failing.

How did Eleanor’s Cake and Pastries start?

I had a passion for baking since my high school days. However the idea of developing this passion into a business venture came up when I visited Nigeria in 2013.

I visited a cake shop and saw how their products were showcased so beautifully. I made detailed findings on the institution and enrolled in a training program with them for three weeks and that was it.

I love my kitchen and I have never wanted to work in an office. Besides it is very lucrative.

What advice can you give to young girls who have such skills but prefer just going for the office jobs because they are scared of failing?

First of all, anything that has to do with culinary art is lucrative. White collar jobs are good ,but it is good to be self-employed. You become your own boss. You can even start up a small enterprise and make more profits.

Remember this is the work of your hands and you can hardly run out of cash. Even if you wake up in the middle of the night to take an order, you are sure of making money from it. It’s way too profitable but at the end of the day, one must have a passion for it. You can only handle challenges if passion is involved.

Young girls must dare and not fear. If you are scared, you might fail. So you need to love what you do.

Eleanor Limunga
Eleanor Limunga

Did you face any hurdles at the onset?

Yes I did. It was not very easy to satisfy and keep clients. But I was willing to push to get results.

Okay Eleanor it’s that time of the year again, with many weddings and celebration around the corner. What does this mean for business?

Well, it’s a peak season for us. I have many orders coming in on daily basis. So I’m running around trying to put in my best for upcoming events.

Some of Eleanor's Works
Some of Eleanor’s Works

How do you handle that? Do you work alone’?

Oh, I have a great team. I have five bakers, five boys for decoration and 15 caterers. Every worker has a specification and area of duty but I do the finishing in all domains.

Eleanor Limunga Anteiro: A good leader does not see sex as a challenge Click To Tweet

So you lead men. How do you work around that as a woman?

A good leader does not see sex as a challenge. I satisfy my workers and provide them with everything they need to work successfully.

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