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Budgeting Tips for the 2021 Bride (Nice-to-Have and Must-Have)

Are you overburdened with all the bills with no one to help you out? Or, are you worried about a long to-do list with numerous ‘advisers’ but no help in sight? This is one time to pause and breathe! Yes, Breathe in…Breathe out…  Now that you’ve taken a breath, here’s what to do to get […]

The elephant in the room: Year-end bonus

[bctt tweet=”You need to have a financial safety net for when companies can’t pay bonus cheques” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Cash Roulette Many of us dream of the plans we will carry out with our year end bonus. We have already lined up a string of events which we are going to splurge on, and have soon- to-be-bought outfits […]

Juggling post-grad studies, family, a briefcase and the world

[bctt tweet=”You need a tribe of humans who will be there when you need some downtime and rebooting” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] What exactly does this mean for us when juggling work, studies, and the world? It is a universal assumption and truth that women are the backbone of every family. We are inherently prepared for a purpose. […]

Financial affairs in freelancing

[bctt tweet=”Like any business, freelancing has its peak seasons and its low seasons. Know them” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] So, you delved into freelancing. You jumped head first (or first dipped your toes, whichever works for you) into being your own boss and now nothing can stop you from working in your pyjamas. First of all, big hearty […]

5 Types Of Accounts Every Woman Should Have Before 35

5 Types of Money Accounts Every Woman Should Have Before 35

Mo money, mo problems right? Maybe for Diddy, but definitely not for us. Definitely not in this economy and with the bills we need to pay and with the power moves we’re trying to make. More money equals more financial security for ourselves, our businesses and our families but how do we go about achieving […]

The one basic lesson to teach your kids about financial responsibility

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Don’t you just wish you had been taught about financial responsibility when you were much younger? In our rapidly changing world, it has never become more imperative to teach our children the need for handling money well. In fact, it’s such an important skill that it will guide their decisions well into adulthood. If you’re […]