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4 Ways To Become A Financially Literate Mogul In 2021

Every two to four business days, I come across very questionable advice on how to be “financially literate” on the interwebs. I almost want to ask the person giving the “advice” if they believe what they are saying or if it is just vibes.  See, not everyone is giving you advice is they have fact-checked, […]

Manage Your Money Effectively with these tips from Ifeoma Okoli

Managing money effectively is crucial for every professional woman. The ability to manage finances is what gives you leeway to have the lifestyle you want. Not every woman would tell you that they are comfortable with managing their money. Ifeoma Okoli is an Audit Analyst with a degree in Economics and Statistics. She has a […]

Oluwatoyin Egedi: From Stay at Home Mom to Piloting Women Empowerment

Oluwatoyin Egedi is a Civil Engineer by training but an entrepreneur by decision. She currently sits as the CEO of Rullion Capacity Builders Foundation – a social enterprise that seeks to empower women with skills to start profitable businesses right from home. The vision for her is to use the vehicle of skill acquisition to […]

5 ways to escape uncontrolled consumerism

We are human beings and living as such requires us to consume things, even those of us interested in living a minimalist life. A minimalist is someone who operates a moderate or conservative approach when it comes to material things. I am from a polygamous home and boy do we own a lot and still […]

Munozovepi Gwata: Nobody is really taught how to manage their personal finances

Munozovepi Gwata

[bctt tweet=”We want to instill financial literacy skills into children from a very young age so that they can understand money” via=”no”] Munozovepi Gwata is an ambitious entrepreneur and an aspiring Chartered Financial Analysts and Hedge Fund manager. She is the founder of the Aworks, a conglomerate with subsidiaries Arete’ Tech, Kukura Capital NGO and […]

Why review your business accounts?

[bctt tweet=”The bookkeeping records are the mirror that you look into to know how your business is performing” via=”no”] The ultimate goal of a business is to make money for the entrepreneur. On the way to attaining this goal, there are many things that you must do in your business which includes, producing the service […]

Bookkeeping for dummies

[bctt tweet=”Bookkeeping is an important skill to have when you’re starting your business” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] One thing that you quickly learn when you start your business is that you’ll have to handle every aspect of it; from marketing your products, hiring your employees and most importantly getting a handle of your accounts. It is therefore important […]

‘Why should start-ups care about the budget?’ – Top 3 budget myths debunked

[bctt tweet=”Time to bust some myths around budgets for business with @StanChart” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Here at SLA, budgeting is not a new concept. I am sure by now we know why we need to set up a personal budget and how to go about it. However, how many of you #MotherlandMoguls spend time budgeting for your […]

Why should you budget for your business?

[bctt tweet=”Ever wondered how multinational organisations control their financial calendars? It’s simple” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] “I was always running out of money, constantly struggling and missing my orders was the order of the day. Having my lights turned off, sometimes in the middle of a client presentation was not surprising anymore; all this because I had either […]