Winner Ezekiel: Millennials Need to Give Themselves a Chance

Winner Ezekiel is a certified speaker, author and business trainer who is really passionate about helping millennial entrepreneurs build influence, grow their business and multiply their income.

She got on this path when she lost her dad at age 17. It was a really trying period for her family and she realized how bad it was to be so dependent on someone because her dad was their strong foundation.

It took a while for her family to bounce back and so she decided to help other people, especially millennial’s, be truly independent whether it be from a husband, a job, a wife or anything that can rock their foundation once it’s gone.

What are the top 3 tips millennial’s going into business need, to get started effectively?

Any Millennial that aspires to go into business must first be very sure about what exactly they want to do. It is important to not just start a business because it is the “thing” that is happening everywhere. You need to start with a ‘WHY’.

Secondly, you need to be well grounded in your field of interest. This includes thoroughly carrying out research on that area of interest in order to understand it well.

Finally, getting a coach is quite important. Coaches are your short-cut to business growth and success. Get someone that has done what you want to do and get associated with them as soon as possible.

What do you wish more millennials knew about the changing marketplace?

The marketplace is changing every single day, week, month and year. It’s very important for millennial’s to always follow the trends in order to build a profitable business. They shouldn’t just take the old route of marketing their business but should focus on automating and installing profitable funnels that work.

They can also make more sales through building personal brands that connect with their audience. This could be through funnels and systems that help them connect or offering incentives that build their audience. It is important to build a community of people who can grow your business.

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Are there challenges you encounter while dealing with millennial’s?

Some of them are not ready to give themselves a chance. They always want to seek the opinions of their friends or their spouse before they can make a decision that can most likely change their lives.

Yet when they do seek this information, some millennial’s fail to take action on it because of reasons such as laziness or quitting too soon.

What is your top tip for changing mindsets and escaping limiting beliefs?

My top tip for changing mindsets and escaping a limiting mindset is very practical. First, get a book or diary, write out all the limiting beliefs that you have heard or you have told yourself. Then after that, write out 3 reasons why they are not true.

Read these reasons to yourself every morning and every night and visualize it and believe it. You get anything you want by following this process and you transform your life as far as your mind is fixated on that particular outcome.

How can young millennial women balance not being too forward?

Research has shown that women have more successful businesses than men. This is because while men have sight, women have insight.

It’s so common for a woman to shy away from putting herself out there because of what society will say or what her family will say. But the thing is, women have the innate potential to be more powerful than they take credit for. My single mother raised her children single-handedly with what she made.

Every woman should gradually but surely forget about what society will say and just put themselves out there. It could be through joining a trending conversation about women, lending their thoughts on problems in the society.

As women embrace this process, balance is being created and women get more confident and empowered to contribute more to the society instead of shying away from it.

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What you need to get the most out of your mentor

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Behind every successful woman, is a mentor. Someone who, at some point in their lives, helped guide them in achieving their own goals and dreams. Have you ever wondered how most world-leading entrepreneurs or business women became successful? The common myth is always that it was effortless –involving the least amount of struggle. That myth is never ever true.

At the beginning of a career, or at the start of a new business, you may find that you are unsure of how to and pursue your dream. You have the end goal in mind, but the process of putting it into effect and finding direction can be a huge mountain to climb. Although learning through experience on your own is important, getting guidance on how to pursue your goals intelligently can very helpful. Having a mentor who can help guide you through the stages of your career does make it a little bit easier.

First set your goals

Mentorship, whether in entrepreneurship or corporate, is based on the same core principles. It is to create a relationship for the betterment of you, the mentee and your mentor. It’s extremely important that both parties create an environment of learning and growth.

With this environment in mind, both your mentor and you should work together to set your mentorship goals for short, medium and long term. Giving yourselves goals helps in keeping the relationship from becoming too lax in achieving any kind of visible growth. It also sets the stage for a great working relationship. From my own experience, a good mentor also wants to see the goals you want to achieve. This helps them get a better view of how to can help you. One of the most important things a previous mentor taught me is the importance of putting your goals onto paper. And it works!

Goal-setting will give you the opportunity to identify where your life is life to be heading. In turn, goals and expectations give both you and your mentor a common understanding of what the relationship is meant to achieve.

Adding detail to your short, medium and long term goals will be beneficial in creating your career development plan. This plan can be used as a guide. It will allow you to communicate clearly what you want to achieve in a specified amount of time, and have your mentor to help you achieve those goals in the most focused way possible. Having a plan in place, and having a mentor guiding you through your growth process can help you grow. This will get you to where to where you want to be faster than you thought.

Then establish a relationship

In order to establish a good mentorship, and for you to be able to succeed in the industry of your choice, some important factors should be considered:

  • Receiving valuable advice: You receive valuable advice from your mentor. As the mentee, you gain insight from your mentor into your ideas. Not only that, you get help on using that advice as a guide to achieving your goals in the most efficient way.
  • Assistance with building strengths and overcoming weaknesses: As part of the goal-setting exercise between you and your mentor, you’ll need to discuss ways your mentor can help you overcome weaknesses and build strengths. Identifying your skills and competencies will help you know where your strengths lie.
  • New ways of thinking: A mentorship allows for a way to bounce ideas off each other and gives you an opportunity to discover new ways of thinking.

Win-win for both

A mentorship should be a win-win situation. Both parties should be fulfilled in the mentorship.  The mentorships that work are usually between people that want to make the relationship work. You will need to be engrossed in the growth of your career. And your mentor should have a sense of fulfillment from helping an up-and-coming young person. If it isn’t fulfilling both parties, then it makes no sense to waste each other’s time. A mentee and mentor need to find a formula that works for them, and stick to it.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a mentee is thinking that the mentorship is one-sided. Inasmuch as you approach a mentor to learn and grow, the same applies for your mentor as they too have goals to pursue. Just as you receive the chance to learn from a more experienced individual, your mentor will receive an opportunity to pass on what they’ve learned in life.