4 genius business tricks to steal from Genevieve Nnaji

genevieve nnaji

It’s obvious to every Nigerian it-girl and our African sisters that ignoring Genevieve Nnaji’s pristine and effortless beauty is a bad idea. This is regardless of whether or not you watch her movies!

Luckily, there’s a lot to learn from her streamlined, hyper-organized disposition. Even if we never completely get it, as we’re mere mortals.

Have fancy dinners with a view

Yes, you heard right. Head to some trendy island, club or restaurant for dinner. It should have an amazing view and probably stocked with successful, inspiring, rich and maybe good-looking people too.

The food might be a little pricey, but it’s the connections you’re paying for. It’s called networking, girl!

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Somehow, these celebrities seem immune to the business problems that the rest of us mortals are afflicted with.

From me to you, there’s a shameless networking routine that they follow. Don’t head on starting that business without connecting with the people who are going to be instrumental to your success.

Take it all off… the make-up I mean

This is debatable, but it feels even better to take the make-up all off sometimes. This is especially useful when the Nigerian heat perpetually threatens to melt it all off anyway.

Genevieve gives us the no-makeup look often enough to keep us envious and wanting for more.

Being a celebrity or even the owner of that unique start-up may be a good reason to have flapping eyelashes, gold-toned smoky eyes, and perfectly done nails… you know for the optics.

But how about you shake things up a bit and get us all confused by actually getting down to work? Like, if you’re not doing anything lucrative besides getting your face done, what are you even doing?

Be authentic. It’s all that matters.

I am really eager to know the stories behind movies with impossible titles —who decided that “Blackberry Babes” was a good name for a movie?

Okay, my argument is —why spend much money scouring for classics when you can watch an affordable ‘sub-standard’ movie?

Here’s the thing, as an aspiring or already established business woman, you’ve got to be authentic, otherwise, you’ll ruin your own magic in no time.

You’ve got no business copying every new or trending business idea. Be real, girl! Be unique!

Talk less, unless of course, you’re telling us about what you do

Traumatic consequences aside, being a little secretive is a necessity . Especially,  if you’re involved in ventures that don’t feature story-telling as a requirement for practical reasons (like being an OAP or writer).

If your business is not one of those, the least you can do is choose to give us short, simple, or playful dozes of your life every other time, just to add a little charm to your image.

Minimize that icky feeling that comes with people knowing too much, too often about your business.

In summary, all you need is to devote yourself to learning/mastering your craft, tirelessly networking, being authentic and a little tight-lipped when necessary. It’s pretty simple and practical.