Ladies, here are some health tests you need to do regularly

Life can get hectic so much so that it can start to neglect our health. You may find yourself canceling doctors’ appointments to meet deadlines.

This is a bad idea.

First of all, you need to be at your best physically, for you to be able to give your hustle the best possible version of yourself. But also because you could find yourself with serious medical problems that could have been detected early or avoided.

Here are a few tests that you should never ever postpone:

Breast Exam

 You can do this at home at least once a week if you notice any lumps in your breast then you should go to the doctor for further tests.

Ladies, let’s not even play. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers worldwide. That is why it’s important to regularly check for any abnormalities in your breasts.

Checking regularly allows you to learn what your breasts normally feel like so that should there be a change you can notice it immediately.    

Cholesterol Test

This test is done by a doctor, he/she will test your cholesterol level by taking blood. High cholesterol levels can stop blood in your arteries from flowing freely, causing heart problems.

High cholesterol coupled with high stress is a recipe for disaster even for young people. Your doctor will assess your risk and advice you about how often you need to have this test.

Pap Smear

This test checks for cervical cancer, the doctor will take a sample from the vaginal walls. It’s best to do this every 3 years unless there are other health complications that would require you to get it done more often.

HIV Test

It’s always a good idea that you do an HIV test every 3 to 6 months especially if you engage in unprotected sex. But if you don’t, you can do it as often as you feel comfortable doing it.

Eye test

It’s advisable to have an eye test once a year especially if you spend a lot of time in front of the computer.

Dental Checks

This is the most neglected test but really you should visit your dentist at least once a year. Many dental issues can lead to bad breath and this can be a career killer.

You should never only visit a doctor when you are due for a test but also when you are not feeling well.

Listen to your body, it will tell you if something is wrong.

Take care ladies, your health is one of your most valuable assets.

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Busy yet fit: The urban woman’s guide to staying fit in a fast paced world

I guess congratulations are in order as it seems I found the title of my first book above! 😁

Okay, jokes apart, it’s a new year and while I’m not really one who makes resolutions at the beginning of the year, I believe that the feeling of newness that comes with the season can help us re-route to living better in all areas.

As a wife and mom who runs more than one gig (even though one is a fitness center), I find it really hard to stick with a specific routine when it comes to exercise and I’m sure I’m not alone.

Lord knows the hustle is real right?

True! But on the other hand, it’s only when we are in good health that the hustle can really make sense. So I’m going to share 3 ways you can fit in exercise into your busy schedule.

1. Treat it as an appointment:

Yes, when you intentionally prioritize your health and wellness, you will set out time to do what you need to do. I set alarms to exercise at night because that’s when it’s most convenient for me.

Trust me, you don’t need so much time to get your heart pumping and your muscles warm. You can start with as little as 10 minutes and increase it when you can.

My company recently launched a product, Fitfam exercise games™ cards that encourages busy people like you to exercise anytime, anywhere and have fun while at it.

2. Make more active choices:

I know the “take the stairs not the elevator” rhyme sounds cliché, but it’s true. If you are too busy to hit the gym, the best you can do is to deliberately make active choices throughout the day.

Take the stairs, ditch the intercom and the intranet if possible and walk to your colleague’s desk to make that inquiry.

If you run a business, try to move around your office or shop too, don’t be the madam who just sits on the chair directing everyone else around.

3. Don’t dwell on it too much:

Am I contradicting myself? No. Here’s what I mean. Sometimes we dwell so much on failure, we refuse to move forward. You missed two days of exercise, okay. Move on and don’t miss the third.

You gorged down half a box of pizza and 3 sparkling glasses on Friday night, not good but can we just move on with a salad and grilled chicken on Saturday morning?


I hope these 3 tips will help you get more active this year as we get set to smash those money and life goals.

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